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Friday, April 17, 2015

Clarkson and Vicinity - Meeting With D.A. on Monday


Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the police activity was on the East side of Lincoln Rd and Flatbush yesterday afternoon?


Alex said...

Tim, any commentary on this meeting to share? I am sure that it was disappointing that none of the precincts were present.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

it's all good! and anyone who's signed up over the last couple years for updates will get one from Rebecca Fitting today. If anyone wants to be part of the "working group" please send me an email at

I'll write more in a bit. My office is moving and I'm pretty overwhelmed at work. Going to sit down at the keyboard and talk that and zoning over the weekend.

Oh, and the working group is committing to meeting quarterly and developing stronger relationships with D.A., electeds, mediation groups AND the three precincts. If we stay committed, we'll get stuff done. I'm sure of it.

Alex said...

Sounds dope. Thanks for the update. Good luck with the move.

Anonymous said...

Gothamist(!) ran a story on this: