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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Extra! Extra! Echo! Echo!

Not since college; when I would eagerly await the new Prince, Replacements or R.E.M. record; have I become so attuned to the release of the Lefferts Manor Echo. With Milford Prewitt at the helm, the Echo is a polished source for all things PLG. Thus, it gives me great pleasure to attach some for all the P's, L's and G's in your life. Grab a PDF to go by clicking here, or click the PLG JPGs below ASAP:


The Snob said...

Just wanted to second the welcome to Fulani tailor on Flatbush and Lefferts. A.B. is great character and craftsman, in business for almost 20 years on 5th Ave. in Park Slope. No more cut-rate alterations for Lefferts!

Milford Prewitt said...

Tim, I'm most grateful for your hearty endorsement. But, alas, the Echo made a boo-boo in the Spring 2015 issue. We misquoted Winston Von Engel, the head of the Brooklyn office of the Department
of City Planning, regarding 13-story buildings in Crown Heights. New zoning codes that the DCP, City Council and the local community board there approved now prevent – not allow – 13-story buildings on blocks dominated by four-story brownstones. But the new zoning does permit a modest increase in density (or height) for affordable housing along Franklin and Bedford Avenues and on Eastern Parkway. The Echo regrets misquoting him.