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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Monday's Crime Meeting Makes Gothamist

For those who'd like an outsider's wrap-up of Monday night's neighborhood meeting on crime and solutions, set up by Rebecca and yours truly for the Clarkson Avenue Block Association, read on:

Gothamist on Meeting

Look, Eric Adams, as an ex-cop and someone who lived through the worst of the Crack Years (I give it capitals now), the guy has an inspirational message about dealing with quality of life issues. Which essentially boils down to, get off your ass and organize. Hold Brooklyn South, the D.A., the elected officials and the various precincts feet to the fire. Identify problem spots and buildings and even apartments. Keep at it, hounding if necessary. Show up at Precinct Council meetings. I couldn't agree more. We need your help. Sign up by sending me an email, and we'll alert you to meetings, strategies etc. I know I say this every time we meet, like once a year it seems when a string of incidents inspires people, but we need to meet quarterly and continue the collaboration between residents living in the 70th, 67th and 71st. That was perhaps the nicest thing to come out of the meeting - a willingness to tackle the problems holistically.


MikeF said...

Seems completely logic to me that Gothamist covered this. PLG is presently becoming home to many of its readers.

Anonymous said...

While I am no fan of Gothamist, I'm glad this meeting got some media attention.