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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rainbows, Blue Skies and Sushi

On a day of renewal, a day of open windows, a day of coat-questioning, word came through of more changes afoot. Do you like muffins? Well apparently so do lots and lots of people, to the point where they can't shut up about those Blue Sky Bakery muffins over on the Yelp. As someone who keeps a jaundiced eye on his waistline, the muffin is generally considered verboten, one of the few items that rarely pass the Q's lips, lest they spend a lifetime on the hips. Hence the fabulous deep resonance of the phrase "muffin tops." Which in the sexist dialect of the species becomes "love handles" when speaking of men's middle-fat. While the obvious answer to the muffin top is to wear more appropriate clothing, the love handle on the other hand is most often affectionately invoked during a playful embrace, or to share in a chortle about getting older or office work. Plumber's Butt on the other hand is just plain mean, though it sure comes in handy to describe a much too often seen tragedy. If you're relating a story, the image lands neatly in the cranium. This is not really what I'm trying to relate.

That is to say that we have read right here on this blog by a commenter that an actual human being at the corner of Sterling and Rogers said that the latest outpost of Blue Sky Bakery is a-comin'.  And another near-confirmed rumor says that just cross the street will be a Japanese restaurant, next to the Inkwell, I believe. If neither happens I'll be a monkey's uncle, and if both happen I'll be giving myself high-fives, which is also known as clapping.

The Q was certain his "Etaly" spoof on April Fool's Day would fool no one but the culinary-desperate, but boy was he wrong. Not only have most folks I know 'fessed to believing its veracity, at least briefly, but more than 4,000 eyes viewed it. Folks this is hardly ordinary. A well-considered lengthy essay on issues pertaining to race will garner 600 viewers. A dull post on the opening of a new upscale business will get 750-1000. If Brownstoner links to me it's not uncommon to top 1,000 no matter what jive I'm spouting. But 4,000! Not since I shamed ex District 17 school superintendent Buffie Simmons have I seen such numbers.

So that begs the question...what WILL take the place of the GEM discount store? Why Rainbow of course. You know, ladies fashions and accessories. It might just do quite well in that location...we'll see. The Q still believes that that building is sure to be a goner if current real estate trends continue. The land is simply much to valuable as apartments.

ahoy! is that a GEM I see to the left?
Not to mention the fact that the replacement for Lincoln Park Tavern and early reports say the place is super. Welcome, El Patron. May your experience with Rong Ge, I dunno. Wheeeee? Twee? Free!

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Anonymous said...

I was one of the early El Patron skeptics, and will happily eat my words (as well as another enchilada plate, please). They don't seem to be affiliated with the other El Patrons, and the food was tasty, fresh, and served by a cheerful staff.

As for Blue Sky, here's hoping the lines are less crazy than the Park Slope location's on weekends.