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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Race For Student Council President Marred By Hijinx

In a bizarre turn of events, much-endorsed candidate for your 43rd NY State Assembly seat Diana Richardson, made this statement this afternoon:
"Several shop owners started calling me around 4pm today.
A man who identified himself as working for Diana Richardson's campaign was storming into businesses and ripping the posters out of the window.
I was given a description of the man and was told he was going north on Nostrand Avenue with a black  garbage bag full of my posters. I grabbed a friend and headed in that direction. After walking several blocks, I caught up the person described. The video is bad but the audio is clear.
The man states that he is "heading back to the campaign office on Montgomery & Nostrand" "they told me to rip it they can put up new ones......I don't know...I'm doing what they paid me to do"
Whose campaign is on Nostrand & Montgomery? Shirley Patterson.  (Address 418 Montgomery Street). See attached pictures
Attached is a copy of the video.  I  will send a picture of her campaign office on Montgomery as well."
If this is true, and I don't know Diana to be a liar, nor would she gain anything by making it up (it is just flyers after all), well, 'nuff said. Ms. Patterson's campaign has also been dogged by concerns about her relationship with developers, in particular Glenwood Management's infamous Leonard Litwin, utilizing a loophole to take more than the legal limit from a single donor.

News at 11.


Carmen said...

Woah! This is bananas!

Ernie Ern said...

And to think the Independence Party claims Diana paid this gentleman and set this all up so she woudl have a story benefiting herself? I think not! SMDH.