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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Crime Meeting With the D.A. - April 20th

Thanks to Rebecca at 40 Clarkson for organizing with crucial law enforcement beYOND the precincts.

If you've got questions or specific concerns about recent violence in south Lefferts/north Flatbush, I'm sure you'll want to be at this meeting to discuss what Law & Order is doing to prevent the sorts of crime that puts us all at risk, and the problems affecting (mostly) young men in particular that lead to these outbursts.

Monday, April 20
40 Clarkson, Basement Community Room

From Rebecca:

Hi All ---
I heard back today from the DAs office, they have confirmed April 20, 7pm for our community meeting. I couldn't get it pushed any later than that (they originally proposed 6pm). With Tim Thomas' help I listed the items below as talking points, which is a working draft. Next step is to spread the word and to extend an invite to our (various) precincts etc. 
- Date: Monday April 20th
- Time: 7pm
- Location: 40 Clarkson Avenue (between Flatbush/Bedford), in the basement community room
Agenda items (working draft):
- Neighborhood crime/safety concerns
- Crime proximity to schools and playgrounds and the safety of our children
- Precinct communications (both between precincts and between precinct and the community)
- We'd like to explore the possibility of an Impact Zone
- We'd like to explore the possibility of a C.O.P.
- We'd like to explore S.O.S. 'interrupters' as a possible way to help our neighborhood
- Gun buyback


Jenny G said...

Kids and everyone else got out OK, including the puppy.

brklyn718 said...

Just a suggestion from last time, a lot of people want to speak about thier experiences, maybe a sign up to speak list with at 3 min cap would help to keep the meeting on track.

Clarkson FlatBed said...


Alex said...

Really good suggestion. Last time we didn't hear enough from the DA but heard a lot about problems that we already knew existed. Lots of pontificating about the criminal justice system as well, which, while important, is not the point of the meeting.

brklyn718 said...

@ Alex, I couldn't have said it better. I think it's important we give people a chance to air thier greviances, but the point of the meeting is to enact a plan and get the DA's and police buy in.

Anonymous said...

Is there a demand for more street police presence as an actual physical deterrent?

Anji said...

What is a C.O.P.? (somebody educate me!)

Anji said...

Oh also, the effectiveness of a Save Our Streets program might increase if we tie up with existing S.O.S. initiatives in other neighborhoods in Brooklyn (like Bed Stuy).

MikeF said...

East Flatbush recently received funding for a stand alone Cure Violence center (ie not legally affiliated with Save Our Streets):

Anji said...

Cure Violence sounds like an amazing program.