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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beast of a Car Wrecks Meytex

The Q just happened upon a gnarly scene this eve at Meytex, the Ghanian restaurant at 543 Flatbush. From what I saw and concurring descriptions from witnesses, an SUV was attempting to park or leave a parking spot when he stepped on the gas hard in reverse, smashing through the window of the Meytex dining area. One woman was placed in an ambulance, and was conscious but understandably shaken. I saw the vehicle, and indeed the vehicle won the war with Meytex - just some bumps and scrapes. The driver looked bummed out, but not messed up in the noggin'. Somewhat surprisingly, the always friendly and chattering crowd inside continued to revel despite the massive and sudden change in the decor.

Admittedly this is an unseemly time to review the place, but what they hey. This place will not conform to any of your Euro-American expectations, but if you (and I'm assuming for the moment that you are not from, nor well-traveled in, West Africa) let down your inhibitions and let the patrons feed you, you will undoubtedly be back for me. Ask for recommendations, and be prepared that "spicy" means "explosive." So says everyone. Except one reviewer, a person known to the Q, who explains her displeasure with great flair on the Yelp. If you want to know more about Ghanian chop bars, check it out here.

Stephen Brown photo

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Anonymous said...

That is awful, but perhaps they will replace the facade with glass you can actually see through!