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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tagged Rags Spell Stoop-endous Savings

Unless you've been hiding under a brownstone for the last forty-three years, you already know about the extraordinary housing stock of Brooklyn, USA. So the PLG House Tour, much like its sisters throughout the borough, is no longer so unique. So, much to its credit, it has started to innovate. This year you'll find a studio apartments and a pre-war coop and gardens and basements and two-family dwellings and artist studios all part of the appeal. Oh, and yes, brownstones on pretty tree-lined buildings in Lefferts Manor, of course. The studio that's featured is in the Patio Gardens building on Flatbush Avenue, so the truly curious among you should really consider this year's tour for sheer breadth of offerings. Check out the menu here. And the special edition of the Echo here.

AND for the hoarder bargain hunter in you, June 2nd is like Super Bowl Sunday because check this out, from a reliable source:

The following blocks are holding stoop and tag sales 12:00 – 5:00, Sunday, June 2nd  during the Prospect Lefferts Gardens House & Garden Tour Day. The Maple II Block Association is helping to organize stoop and tag sales that day all over the neighborhood. So far we know of a few Streets that will hold sales.

·         Maple Street between Bedford & Rogers
·         Rutland Road between Flatbush & Bedford
·         Midwood Street between Bedford & Rogers
·         Sterling Street between Rogers and Nostrand
So come on out and buy some of other people's garbage so that you too one day can hold a stoop or tag sale of your own. I jest of course. It's all priceless. Everything and everyone is god's children.

I need a shower.

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There is also this special House Tour edition of the Lefferts Manor Echo: