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Friday, May 3, 2013

Vote for the Lefferts Food Coop

How often do you get a chance to be an active neighborhood booster by lazily clicking a mouse or tapping your iThingy? The good folks behind the Lefferts Community Food Coop are vying for a $5,000 grant, and all
you gots to do to support their effort is go to this Facebook page and click the "vote for us." And yes, it's a Facebook thing. Some of us keep trying to extricate ourselves from Mark Zuckerberg but his siren call keeps pulling us back like one of those Vaudevillian stage hooks...

And how bout that logo? It's like a paperbag, and a building, and does that baguette look like a football to you? You go guys! I love it!!!

By the way, remember that crazy response to my post about the District 17 Superintendent? I got a note from a lawyer who's been retained by her. While they claim I'm not named in the pending defamation lawsuit, they've told me to save the blog comments for their investigation. Which is kinda strange, since you'd think all she'd want would be for me to delete them. I did delete some of the most egregious stuff and links to pictures, but I stopped once I got that email. I would think blog comments would be protected by the first amendment, but perhaps not when they become too vicious? Will let you know how it plays out...


Anonymous said...

Those comments truly got nasty and way off topic. I don't think you have anything to worry about, as you were discussing your thoughts on a public school issue not one's personal life. Hopefully, it won't be too much of a headache for you. We are allowed to be upset with a public officials behavior at a public forum, the other stuff... well let's not go there.

Yay for the co-op! It's been a long time in the making!


Anonymous said...

It would be great to hear an update on what's happening with the coop, like when it might open and where? I think I heard something about a food buyers club but wondering about the long term plan and what that means in years? Months? Thanks!

JDB said...

Really a defamation suit? Not only are those nearly impossible to prove, especially for a public figure, but doesn't she have any clue about public relations. The comments would be forgotten in a few days but bringing a lawsuit will just keep these things in the news.

Before I was mostly indifferent to the chatter about he but now I want to see her get deposed.

WestOrange Parent said...

She retained a lawyer because they have reopened the investigation on her and Lawe regarding the time cards.
She is shitting bricks right now.

They have subpoenaed the last 10 years of emails going back to her IS 211 days, and they have also started to question and track down past staff members who were employed with her at that same time.

Unrelated, but that blog also alerted a CPS investigation as well.
They actually went to his school and his records were discovered to be absolutely horrendous.

So far at least one girl who is still in middle school has come forward to report a similar allegation.

This may hit the press before after all. The blog even gained attention of the NYC DOE school Chancelloer and his people are not taking this lightly at all.

And as for a defamation lawsuit. That's a joke.
Unless it was Tim himself who libeled her she doesn't have a case.
You can't stop people from offering their opinions on you. It's out first amendment right.
I can already tell this attorney is as incompetent as she..... Uhm. Never mind. We are not goin there today.

Anonymous said...

Whoa.. So that WAS really her who logged in and was going back and forth with posters.

I knew it!

I had a feeling cuz I myself have a Blackpeoplemeet account.When someone mentioned that was her screen name too, I went and checked.
It was her indeed, with all sorts of stuff in the profile.

So thats one thing in her "defamation lawsuit" she could automatically. Take out.

She was indeed looking for "side-penis"
Also that is too much of a coincidence for somebody to post an aol account begging Jason to contact her-and later we find that same Blackedpeople meet account (w/a pretty seductive pic of her btw) matching that email address.

It could be no one else but her.
I do wish her luck though, this looks bad. She better shape up.

Anonymous said...

So let's talk about the COOP eh?

Broke Bastid said...

I will vote for the co-op.

Wow, this woman made upwards of 175,000.00 last year in salary and bonuses alone.
Sheeyit, if I was pulling that kind of bread I would have a smile on my face and be in a good mood every dam day.
Plus appreciating what I have and treating ppl well.

Last thing I would want to do is burn bridges like that or anything illegal.
Sme people are just ungrateful.

Hopefully she has now been humbled.

Anonymous said...

She also described herself as "EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE"
In her BLackpplmeet Profile as well.

Hmm. I think she needs to be sued for defamation on that comment alone.
I cant ....

Anonymous said...

West Orange Parent,

How did you hear about a re-opened investigation by DOE, and about an investigation by CPS?

mc said...

Just to let everyone know, I was able to vote WITHOUT a facebook account. If the co-op wins, it would provide a great jump start.

mc said...

Also, you can vote once every day until the deadline.

Anonymous said...

Food Coop: Have they just spent the best part of 4 years designing the logo? They have been at it forever, no?

Anonymous said...

Opinions about public officials are protected by the First Amendment. (e.g. "I think she's dumber than a box of sandwiches!") If you claim something as factual that's negative, you can be sued for defamation (e.g. "He stole $50,000 from the city and gave it to his underaged mistress!"). If you can prove what you said is true, however, that's always a successful defense against a defamation lawsuit.

So if you don't have proof, it's better to state your claim as an opinion (e.g. "In my opinion, that politician is a crook and a philanderer!"). Servicey.

Curiosity said...

I recently became an acquaintance of Buffy.
She seemed like a nice enough person, granted we're still in the early stages of things.

Nothing came up when I googled her name the first time around, but this week something told me to google her email address.
These days who doesn't have at least one thing up on about you Online.. Specially the way she like to brag about how she is so successful.
FYI I'm no stalker. Just somebody who had a bad experience once and just trying to keep myself safe from the crazies it the future.

Yea so I google her g-mail address instead. What do you know this page came right up.
Thing is. She lied to be about her name.
Tried to tell me her name was Buffy Sims.

That's a red flag to me. Now I see some of the possible things she may be trying to hide.
Im not feeling her like that anymore, who am I really dealing with?

Curiosity said...

Came back to add she spelled her named like BUFFY SIMS but her name is Buffie Simmons.

If someone can't even be honest about their own name , then there's no reason to go any further.

Consider Yourself Lucky said...

Apparently, Buffie Simmons and Andre Lawe have been hard at work getting comments removed from this site and others that refer to their salacious affair.
Can't say that I blame em.

Andre Lawe is still using Buffie Simmons to provide him with a stellar reference letter in order to advance himself higher in the education field , and he just can't have people googling his name and finding out he has had an affair and allegely possibly fathered an illigitemate child for her.

Tsk tsk tsk
As It was mentioned on that other site. Try as you may but the NYDOE is a small world and ppl have long memories.

Buffie Simmons was rubber roomed for the majority of the summer and recently been placed on probation at the end of October.

All due to the internal investigation that took place thanks to the posters that exposed her illicit behavior to the SCI ... Oh and NJ DYFS as well.

From what I can see she certainly has been on her P's and Q's since her "release".

Hope this continues and is not just an act to keep her job. Superintendent Simmons has desperately created multiple web accounts, and her own blogs to advertise how fabulous she is in a poor attempt to "sell" herself to prospective employers; and also to move incriminating blogs about her further down on the hit list when her name is searched.

They were hot on her ass, and she anticipated getting fired soon , so one has to prepare!

I would say Buffie would fetch her lawyers to shut me up as well, but how can she do that when she is completely out of money.? Since, she has not paid her current lawyers for the joke of multiple lawsuits sent to her ex husband and his family, past & current co-workers , church members.

Buffie Simmons even tried to implicate Tim Thomas himself as the culprit of exposing her indiscretions, and accused him of pretending to be 101 different ppl posting on his site about her in order to direct traffic to his blog .

Have you no shame?

The Q at Parkside blog has been around since you were twerking at school dances and clocking in time cards for your jump off.

Remember Bufffie, smart is as smart does.
If you try to come in here again with a phony alias, you will be exposed AGAIN.

Just as the private investigators did when they obtained IP addresses from Google and determined that YOU came in to That Buffiegate post MULTIPLE times to try to intimidate snd bully people from speaking On you.

You looked foolish in court..
Keep it up and I will release the court transcripts, police reports, fake subpoenas, emails, and 7 inch thick file folder the dept of investigations has on you.

As well as the photos of your exposed bum in a thong posted on Blackpplmeet, plus recordings of you back when you worked as a phone sex operator in the 90s.

BKmommy said...

On the bright side, Buffie has finally taken Harvard off her fake education background. Now she supposedly has a PhD from Trident.

Online Schools said...

Actually, that's one good thing that Dr. Buffie Simmons can be grateful about as a result of her suspension.
Since she was forced to park her heels at home pending their investigation this summer,
she was finally able to finish her PhD just this past July. (Although she has been lying about having a doctorate since 2009)

Not that it will work in her favor much anyway since she got it from Trident University.
Formerly known as the notorious Touro University.
The name was changed multiple times, due to questionable accreditation controversies surrounding their online programs.

Not to offend anyone here when I say this, but these higher education Masters and Phd degrees are not respected... especially in the field of Education.

I look around in astonishment at how so many of my fellow coworkers are completing their Phd programs in 2-3 years or less!
Schools such as Touro, Trident, University of Phoenix, Kaplan etc are just pro-profit strictly online colleges that are easy to get into and EXPENSIVE to get out.

The majority of them do not even require GRE, comps or GMAT scores for admission. How is that even possible?
No wonder why these degrees are being passed out like candy.

It has more to do with how much you're willing to pay, rather than how intelligent one is in order for you to graduate.
This is why nearly everyone these days possesses a Masters' or a Phd from these Pop-up online schools in an already competitive job market!

Not to say students from these programs don't put in the work. Trust me they do, but nowhere nearrrrrr the amount of work and dedication it takes to have gotten one from a State School or an Ivy.

Unfortunately, for them I have personally seen resumes w/degrees from these schools laughed right into the trash can.
Certain employers are even considering creating stricter guidelines as to what "kind" of Masters or PhD's they will accept, due to the recent influx of all these CrackerJack-box diplomas.

Word to the wise:
Get a REAL PHD from A REAL University. That way there would be no need to lie about going to Harvard!

Thks4the Update! said...

Easy for you to say, some days I wish I went to one of those crackerbox online schools because the workload for the State schools I go to is sooooo demanding!
Then again, I've also personally seen the powers that be *snicker* at these Trident or U of Phoenix phds degrees and its ashame.Even Devry!
Those degrees really are not well-respected.In education,business or in medicine.
They are considered the equivalent of attending medschool in lets say a Carribean island cause u couldn't make the cut to get in to a more reputable one in the U. S. I'm talking about US citizens who were born and raised here going to MĂ©xico, DR, or Grenada to come back as MDs.

Thanks for the Buffie-gate update, but NYC did away with Rubber Rooms along time ago.
However, Buffie Simmonns being suspended for a few months or at least on some sort of extended leave of absence as a direct result becuz of what was revealed on that blog is very accurate.

Do any of you guys know what happened as a result of the investigation? I mean,is it still ongoing?
There was a lot of believable accusations made,and I too heard that she had called ex co-workers and at least one parent to court over that blog as well.
She must've spent the entire summer in court calling in all those people and trying to sue them!
The court records for the one case I have access to showed Simmons said her life was threatened on the blog by these people.

Right now,plenty of comments have clearly been deleted, edited, or removed.
But I remember reading the original blog before any revisions were done and we saw nothing of her life being threatened. Is she psychotic?
I still see some places on the net where the original blog can still be accessed, thanks to some savvy posters who must have saved the whole thing on their hard drives before it disappeared.
One of the links that had the original blog showed about 200+ downloads last I checked in early September.
That one is long gone now.I suspect Buffie had something to do with its disappearance because her online resume she created on now pops up in its place instead of the blog copy, that was on slideshare.

I just wish I saved that Andre Lawe photo and that baby. Wheeew chile!!! If that girl wasn't the spitting image of that man!

Oh and Q creating fake names to attack her on this blog is laughable!!
Who has the kind of time?
A person has to be mentally unstable to be able to do it,as well as mentally unstable to be able to accuse another of doing it.
If Im not mistaken I believe Buffie Simmons accused colleagues she worked with of creating the whole blog themselves as well.
I hear she even suspected her own secretary Mary of participating in the blog after someone placed a copy of it right on Buffies desk!
In the court transcripts I saw she made it seem like the whole world had some type of motive to destroy her because they were so jealous of her success. It sounded like she had absolutely no guilt or sympathy as to what she had done.
One thing for sure is she iiiiiis a liiittle bit nicer, but it is shameful that she had to be outted on her dirty actions in order to conduct herself in manner she should have since the beginning.

Hot Tea said...

I may have some answers to finally put this Buffiegate business to a rest.
The amount of people that have been wondering what happened is absolutely GINORMOUS.
It amazing how word can spread like wildfire around the NY Metro area. Especially for a public figure!

A group of us collaborated together from both NYC DOE and NJBOE and here is what we know:

Warning- if you weren't there for the original blog than you may be lost. The one that's up now was edited down from over a hundred comments to just 79 now I believe.

A lot of the juicy stuff was taken out. Some had to be though, things got so rough in there. Ive never seen a thread explode like that in my life.

Even in this little thread here; comments were edited to protect Andre Lawes name, and to salvage what's left of Buffie Simmons' reputation.

I vividly remember someone coming in here and saying something to the effect of
" At first I was indifferent to the chatter going on about Buffie Simmons. Now I think that she is a incompetetent miscreant that deserves to be fired!"

After all that, lets see why or why not Buffie was not fired.

1) Falsyfying Time Cards for both Andre Lawe and her daughter R****a.

When this was happening, Buffie Simmons was principal at IS 211.
As it was mentioned before, it was indeed one of her own disgruntled teachers who notified the Dept of Ed about Andre's 2nd job at Mount St.Vincents school as a math coach, while he also worked for IS211 during the same hours and time of day.

Once they completed their investigation. (they even hired private detectives to follow Andre Lawe and take pictures of him going to one school, while pay stubs proved he was marked present at another. Therefore collecting TWO paychecks).
They were getting ready to send Andre Lawe to what was then known as the rubber room.

The previous poster was right, Rubber Rooms have now become defunct, especially since unions got involved.

Once Buffie got notification that her man was busted, she drew up a desperately worded letter to the office of investigations and begged him not to fire Andre.
She insisted that's she could vouch for his character and he could never do such a thing.
Buffie also went on to say that she was with him every minute of every day during those hours in question, and had witnesses to prove this.

She tried to gather other staff members of the school in order to support this lie.

Unbeknownst to Buffie Simmons, the office of investigations already had everything they needed. They wondered why Buffie would put her reputation and possible job on the line to save this teacher who was clearly scamming the system.

They wrote Buffie back to call her bluff.
Buffie was only able to find ONE person to back up her lie for Andre Lawe, and it was VP at the time Carolyn James. Same CJ who currently serves as now principal of IS 211. Same CJ who was BS successor.
Buffie Simmons told Carolyn James that if she did not lie for her and Andre, they would all lose their jobs.

When sh-t really hit the fan. Buffie had Carolyn James take the fall for clocking in Andre Lawe , and promised she would "protect" her.
Buffie Simmons promised Carolyn James that if she did what she said she would guarantee her that one day Carolyn would soon be in her place.(as principal)

Buffie gave Andre the heads up, and quietly ushered Andre out of IS 211 and secured him a job in another school district right before he was scheduled to be Rubber-Roomed.
Once youre RR-ed, you are pretty much f-cked.That stays on your docier and it follows you for the rest of your life.

This incident occurred circa 2008-2009.

Hot Tea said...

NOW 2013:

Once the office of investigations and Chancellor Walcott got a hold of this information via Q's infamous blog. An investigation re-ensued.

Before it even got to that point, Buffie Simmons contacted Carolyn James and told her that there may be some serious sh*t coming down the pipe.... on account of this blog that is circulating. We need to get our stories together in case we get questioned.

When Buffie contacted Andre Lawe. He wanted no part of it.He told her not to worry, and that was his past and nothing can happen etc etc.
(Dr. Andre Lawe is currently sitting pretty in a shiny new Vice Principals position in Suffern Middle School).
He wants to maintain it that way. He worked too dam hard, and he's not going to let his ugly past get in the way of his future.
Ironically enough, all Andre was concerned about was what other people knew and how much.
He also had plans to marry a fellow school teacher from their IS 211 days Iraina Slayton.
Iraina once confronted him of a possible affair with Buffie Simmons back when they all worked together and Andre denied it vehemently.
He said awful things like "I would never date a woman like Buffie" "Shes not my type. I like light skin women long hair like you, etc" "Buffie sweatin me"
Andre Lawe was a known "color-struck" individual and Ironically enough,so was Buffie.

She had a reputation of going after any and all lightskin men with power and education.
A few years ago Buffie allegedly used to drop rumours to staff that alluded Chancellor Walcott had a "thing" for her, and wanted to partake in an affair. Buffie Simmons said she was flattered, but too much of a Christian to partake in such matters.


Hot Tea said...

If anyone knows Chancellor Walcott they know that he is as squeaky clean as they come. He doesn't get involved in any mess, and only has eyes for his wife!
Nay-sayers have dug themselves into China trying to dig for dirt on the Chancellor.

Buffie Simmons also convinced a few of her staff members that she was friendly with that she was dating Corey Booker.
For those who don't know, he is the mayor of Newark, NJ and in my opinion quite handsome...and yes you guessed it, LIGHTSKINDED.

Buffie told these women that the relationship was to remain a secret for now, because they were not ready to go "public yet", etc etc etc.


Im getting de-railed here, but so much tea has been added to my pot, Im having a hard time pouring everything in line without leaving anything out!

OK, back to Andre Lawe. Who now possesses a doctorate degree and is in a coveted VP position in a Blue Ribbon school district.

Fast Forward 2013.

Investigators track down Andre Lawe and begin to question him about the time cards.
Get this:
Allegedly, Lawe tells them that it is true he was being clocked in at two places at once, but he wasn't the one doing it.
He went on to tell them that although Carolyn James took the rap for it back then. It was indeed Buffie Simmons who was clocking his hours in, unbeknownst to him!

He went on to say that when he told Buffie he had plans to leave IS 211, she couldn't handle it.
She cried and cried and told him "I knew someday you would leave me, etc"
She offered him ways where he could stay and do both. Although he told her that would be impossible.
As the story goes, Andre Lawe handed in his two week resignation to his boss (Buffie Simmons)and she did nothing with it.
Afterwards he checked his bank statement, and realized he was still getting paid.
Instead of going to Human Resources he went to Buffie... who smiled at him and told him something to the effect of
" I told you baby, we can still do this".
Im paraphrasing, but this is how the story was told to me.
Andre Lawe told and continues to tell people that Buffie kept on clocking him in in order to flaunt her power and gain his affections.
She knew he loved money.
Andre will tell you and anybody who will listen that he had nothing to do with that, and the clocking in was going on behind his back.

Which I can kind of believe, but why did he keep collecting checks and not report it up until the day he got caught??

Who do you believe?

Hot Tea said...

Different people had different things to say about Andre, and the majority was good. But, it was common knowledge that Andre was a "metrosexual pretty boy" who loved women, money and power.
Andre Lawe told many a co-workers that Buffie was obsessed with him and forced these "gifts" on him.
He would dog Buffies looks behind her back, even after Buffie went and got thousands of dollars in plastic surgery to impress him.

Those who know Buffie knows at one point she was over 300 pounds.
When that wasn't enough, Buffie started wearing blond weaves and contacts, after she found out Andre had a crush on Beyoncé. Some say Buffie was spotted on Flatbush ave buying bleaching cream, and her skin turned considerably lighter during the school term, but yet her hands remained black.

Buffie can come in here and refute these claims if she likes, but here is what physical evidence I have and I am willing to post:

1- I have love letter emails from Buffie account going to Andres email address.
Andre was never dumb enough to communicate those message using his school account.

2- I have a letter that Andre showed his girlfriend that he had a lawyer draw up.

Who ever said Buffie's ex-husband divorced her because of the Andre Lawe affair/baby was correct.
Andre Lawe was named in the divorce hearing as the party responsible for the dissolution of their marriage.

Hot Tea said...

He was subpoenaed to appear in divorce court.
Andre went to his lawyer, and had his lawyer draw up an affidavit stating that Buffie Simmons sexually harassed him for years, and he had to leave the school because of this. He went on to mention that she relentlessly pursued him by wooing him with gifts, money and favor.


The letter is signed by Mr. Lawe and notarized.

So this counts as two times, that Lawe has blatantly thrown her under the bus, but yet Buffie still has not learned.Every BBQ and birthday party she has Buffie tries to send him and invite. Shes tells everyone Andre is going to be there and he never shows up.

Moving on to the next.

Hot Tea said...

They investigated the fact that Buffie hired her daughter without going through the proper protocols and continued to sign her in as present long after she stopped coming.

It was discovered that Buffie's daughter was placed in IS211 through a youth program (at Buffies suggestion of course), and the daughter was being paid by said youth program.Not the DOE.
Fortunately for her!

It would have to be the Youth Program who would look into this and choose to go after Buffie and her daughter.
They may not even have known about it. Even if they were to find out, they might not do much over just a couple thousand bucks misappropriated years ago. They may feel as if its not worth their time.
Also the daughter was a minor at the time, making it even more difficult to prosecute her.
So, Buffie got really lucky on this one.

It was also discovered that Buffie hired multiple unqualified family members and had them illegally placed as well at IS211 as well.
Some of which are still currently working there till this day

Hot Tea said...

) Andre Lawe affair

This year Buffie found herself face to face with Chancellor Walcott himself.
It was easy to prove because of the e-mails and text messages they were able to recover, but surprisingly enough Buffie did not deny this.
She admitted to officials that she had a consensual affair with a subordinate from 2004-2010.

Turns out Buffie was the one who bought Andre Lawe with her from another school where she she served as Vice Principal, before they came to IS211.

Matter of fact, Buffie had promised Andre Lawe the VP position at IS211 and eventually the principalship instead of Carolyn James.
The only reason why Carolyn James got it is because Andre had to high tail it out of there because of the TimeCard scandal!

So why wasn't she fired you ask?

Well, Officials say the affair was immoral, but not illegal. Also,it started and ended years ago. Including the fact that Buffie is now divorced and no longer works at that school... they can not use that as grounds for termination.
If their affair had been outted back then, she was sure to have gotten the axe.But back then too many people were afraid of Buffie and feared losing their jobs to say anything.

Again, lucky. Shes very lucky.

4)Buffie stole equipment from the school and gave them to her childen

YES, they investigated these claims as well. Once it hit the blogs, Buffie already ran to the school and turned in the DOE Iphone she gave her son, plus the numerous mac books and ipads the children had.
Buffie indeed did tell the DOE she needed an extra phone for herself, when in reality she took it and gave it to her 13 year old son.
She also would do all her
"school shopping" for her children when she ordered supplies for IS211.
Buffie stole things such as pens, notebooks, glue, erasers, paint, ink cartridges, printer paper etc.
She would order way more than the school needed, in order to take a few boxes of supplies home for herself.

Hotter Tea said...

OK, so why didn't she get fired for that?

Again, bad timing. Instead of letting herself get caught she ran ahead and turned the equipment in before she was asked.

Buffie also mentioned other teachers and school officials who "shopped" for school supplies for their children in the same way. She threatened to out them as well if she was penalized for doing the same thing.

Bottom line is Buffie is still working today, bc all the dirt that came out about her occurred when she worked as a principal, and not her current position as Superintendent.

She was told that she cant lose her present job for misconduct that occurred while she was in a different position, district and title.

Buffie had a lawyer and based on her Superintendent contract there was nothing in there that served as a ground for legitimately firing her.
Including things she did in her personal life

Hot Tea said...


So far, Buffie has finally wisened up and has stopped using her DOE issued email account and phone to conduct all her scandalous activities.
She has now gotten her own "private" cell phone which she never had before, and created a separate email account that she can link her personal liaisons to.

I was told , there is a HUGE magnifying glass on her right now, and if she fudges up just ONCE, its a definite wrap.

The only reason why she is still Superintendent today is because Walcott didn't want the embarrassment of having this happen under his watch. (Neither did Bloomberg), and they did not want to face the perpetual lawsuit Buffie might spring on them as a result of an unfounded termination.

Buffie would try to drop hints that she was meeting with Gloria Alred or had to return her call.

She knew it would get back to the legal department and scare the suits off of them.

She does not have Gloria Alred money. Gloria, would not even represent her for free.

After her current lawyers found out who Buffie really was, they stopped representing her.
I don't think its because she ran out of money like someone else mentioned. Or it could be a little bit of both.

All I know is because of that infamous blog, Buffie spent the majority of the summer in court as previously stated.

She tried to sue everyone from her own family, to her ex husband, old coworkers, present colleagues, and members of her church.
I heard she even had fake subpoenas, gag orders and restraining orders sent out to people via registered mail.
Things got really nasty when Buffie continued to harass Andre, stalk his girlfriends, smash windshields and threaten people.
Buffie was going around looking to blame people such as Iraina Slayton and her friends for the blog after she saw Iraina and Andre quickly deleted her from their Facebooks once isht hit the fan.

Hot Tea said...

There is a court ordered psychological evaluation out there and the same was offered by her present employer. Dennis Walcott has personally told Buffie to stay off of social media or suffer the consequences.

This woman is not wrapped too tight and I almost feel sad for her.

Those CPS claims were substantiated and the case is still actively open. A woman from DYFS visits the home frequently, and sometimes does surprise visits.

Buffie Simmons has already had her lawyer draw up paperwork for her sister to receive custody of the children in case they are taken away. Her ex-husband does not know she has done this.

She no longer attends that church like she used to and I hear she was so upset/embarrassed at the revelation that her daughter was a lesbian- she had her shipped off to some far off school.

The father of the children obtained a DNA test after those photos were posted.
Results= Not good.
I will not post them here, but if Buffie comes in here to dare me I will. Clearly, Andre wasn't the only one she was fooling around with while married.

The Canarsie Courier has severed their relationship with all things Buffie. They ran a few articles on her in the past, and was shocked that she lied about the dumbest things during their interview.
They did some fact checking and found how Buffie Simmons lied about having a law degree from John Jay, and she also lied about being married for fourteen years.

Her husband divorced her after only about 7 years of marriage, and by that time she had teenagers in the home.
Buffie Simmons wants to appear respectable, for she knows people can do math.

Final Pour said...

Everything is accessible via the web these days. People cant lie all willy nilly like they used to. Most importantly you CANT do dirt, treat others rude and not expect those who you have done wrong not to go on a platform and speak on it.

Buffie has tried to get her son to create a virus to send to Q's blog many times in an attempt to shut it down. Her son posts about this on his twitter page.

Buffie has been sending Tim Thomas notes and emails asking him to take this and that down. Meanwhile she goes to the board and and tells people her lawyers sued Tim to get certain things removed and she is currently waiting to collect lawsuit settlement.

It was clear to us that was a lie, after we saw the blog appear again with only 30 or so comments removed.

If she had indeed sued Tim, I don't think that would have happened....

Anonymous said...

Buffie Simmons -- a crackpot whose antics keep readers entertained day after day. Now that election season is over someone has to fill the gaps.

BKmommy said...

Word on the street is Buffie's replacement is presently being considered. Once the current chancellor is out, all bets are off.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Buffie.

Re: Corey Booker said...

Let me guess! Buffie used to date Obama too huh!He seems to fit the profile-liteskin & powerful!
I can tell you for myself that Buffie indeed dropped a rumour that her and Corey Booker were dating.
She even had flowers sent to herself to the office, claiming they were from him.
I saw Corey Booker at a charity fundraiser not 2long ago & he donned the beautfl Bianca Levin on his arm. She is gorgeous!! I believe she holds a law degree from Yale too!
What would he be doing with something called a Buffie?

Gah! At least somebody wanted her at 1 point. Allegedly she got 4 kids by 3 diff fathers.
She lied abt being married before she was even married.. then cont to do so even after she got divorced.
When we found out she was divorced she told us her
ex-husb left her for a 25-yr old post-op tranny.

The thing about Andre being involved in the divorce preceedings is factual.
Buffie's ex husb had Mr Lawe served with papers by a Sheriff right there in IS 211.

Buffie was given the option to resign. She chose not to do that, and rather pimp her accomplishments on Twitter, Pinterest,,,,, linkedin, vizify,,,
slideshare, & even Instagram!
I kid you not!U cant make this stuff up!
She shld hv just resigned &take the unemployment til she cld get another gig.
Its bettr than lookin like some kinda desperate narcissist.. Trolling the innanets like advertising about yourself looks foolish.
If I was a possible employer- that right there woulda turned me all the way off.

BKmommy said...

All that effort to cover her tracks and the scandal that was blown wide open on this blog is still the first search result.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time posting here, which is ironic since I was among the laundry-list of people dragged into court and accused of authoring this blog. A case that went nowhere because it simply wasn't true. That said, I was later contacted by DOE investigators, of whom I have no idea how they got my name or contact info, asking if I knew Buffie Simmons and if I had ever seen in person or received from her large cash loans, projection televisions, laptop computers, blackberry phones and other devices. I let investigators know I have had literally no contact with this woman in years. They even asked me if Buffie Simmons gave me the down payment for my home and paid my child's tuition! I was speechless. Buffie and I have never shared as much as a sandwich. I had no idea why she had dragged me into court, I just thought she was pulling me into a domestic dispute. She NEVER mentioned she was under investigation! And she knew at the time there were hundreds of posters and I was not involved. Her attorney has since admitted this to my attorney. Now that I have all the facts, I dare her to come back in my direction. In the interim my tires were slashed. Thank God I have a security system surrounding my house. We now call it the Buffiecam. I wish she would take me back court, next time I will be suing her for my legal fees!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:32 Clearly,yourself and many other posters on here who claim to know the most minute details of "Dr" Buffie Simmons don't know much at all.
I don't give a darn about time cards, Andre Lawe, pencils or Ipads.
I will just say it! Buffie Simmons is under deep investigation for misappropriating funds that was supposed to go to the school back in her I.S. 211 days.
YES, Q's blog and comments is the gensesis that launched the initial investigation, but they followed the bread crumbs.
Once they delved deeper into emails, old coworker testimonies, transactions, invoices and so on it was discovered that things were not adding up!
She misappropriated more than just ink cartridges and I-pads.
Whoever it was that posted they spotted Buffie and Andre on vacation together in another country, needs to ask themselves who financed that trip.
And many others!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous u need to really look into why Buffie Simmons told DOE investigators that she spent money on you.
Are you male of female for that will explain a lot!
This is the same thing she told them when it was discovered she spent money on Andre.
Whether it was organizing school dances, fairs r activities,Buffie Simmons always asked for more than she needed!
They are just now speculating that she may have pocketed the rest and they have strong evidence to support that theory!

I know at least a handful of people Buffie tried to take to court this summer by accusing them of libeling her on that blog.
She took them all to courts separately in different counties and boroughs in the NY/NJ area.
At one court hearing her lawyer did not even bother to show up because supposedly Buffie ran out of money and did not pay him!

Buffie Simmons accused all defendants of the same thing. Threats and vandalism was also involved!

If you guys think for a seconf=d that this got nasty only on the internet, you don't want to hear what Buffie Simmons tried to do to people in person.
Someone bought up Iraina Slayton. She is a real sweet girl!

Do you know that she practically had to go into hiding after this Buffie Scandal blew up.
Shes afraid at the very mention of Buffies name and I know for a fact she had nothing to do with that blog!

Buffie is a tyrant and bully who is used to getting her way!
She quickly found out that didnt work in a room with people who are in charge of your employment. They had Buffie sitting in their office with the copy of the blog and made her explain each and every one of those comments.

It happened in court as well. Buffie was delirious when she tried to testify. No paranoia can be that severe unless you are on drugs or need to be!

There was even an administrative meeting among staff warning us not to even view or participate in that blog whatsoever w/o experiencing dire consequences if caught.
They blocked access of this blog and this site in some particular schools and offices because it got so out of control!.
We were not even allowed to have our phones with us as staff members, even during downtime.

We were instructed not to speak to or comment to anyone who called from the DailyNews, NYPOST or any press or media.

A few journalists were calling people and one of them even came down to the Administrative offices of District 17 looking for Buffie or someone to comment on her.
That's when I believe she was officially placed on suspension.
Everyone knows of this!

I have no idea why they are keeping her around, she has lost all respect from her fellow colleagues.
She applied for Principalship in her hometown in West Orange and she could not even get an interview.
Mostly because of the sour taste left in peoples mouths because of the way her children behaved in that school system.
For years she had her failing kids pushed along thru the next grade because she flexed her "Im a principal or Im a superintendent" muscle in their face to intimidate them.

For awhile there Buffie thought she had the world in checNow its all n=blowing up in her face!

Meanwhile her children are the ones who are really suffering because they have not learned a dam thing, but yet keep getting advanced to the next grade.

All of us who were harassed, threatened and dragged into court by Dr. Buffie Simmons should all get together and form a SuperSuit against her because what she is doing to people outside of the internet is just ridiculous!
All because she could not handle criticism and take responsibility for her own, horrible actions.

This woman is dangerous. I certainly would not mess around with her.
She has done too much!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:49: I will concede I do not know much - but that is my point. I was dragged into court for blogging info I had no knowledge of. I did not know at the time that Buffie had multiple court cases going accusing several people of the same thing. Now, I understand she testified, under oathe, that all were a single blogger out to get her. I do think she was under the false impression I dimed her out to investigators, which is why she tried to drag me in her dirt. But was clueless. However, court cases are a matter of public record. Anonymous 8:50: I am about as scared of Buffie as I am of butterflies. So let her bring it. I wish a B would...

Clarkson FlatBed said...

NOTE FROM THE Q: Please y'all, go somewhere else for this discussion. I'm trying to have an open forum for people to talk about stuff going on in the neighborhood. Someone just pointed a bunch of smack about how the lady y'all are bashing is into gay men. How is that relevant to anything?

Seriously, think about what an ugly thing it is to bash someone repeatedly. We got your point, so please let it lie. Or let it lay, I always forget...gotta go back to school!

Thank you!
the Q

D.S. said...

Agreed. I saw the comment before it was deleted and found it comical if anything. Unnecessary, but comical...

I promised myself I would refrain from posting in here this go round.
But since you want to bring up bashing someone, I see now is a good time to chime in.

Buffie bashed and accused me in public of leaking information posted on that blog, and I too was called into court.
It scared the mess out of me and unlike the others I do not have lawyer money!
I couldn't eat or sleep for weeks until the court "date" which I had to take a few days off to attend.
Therefore costing me more money!
When I got there I wasted an entire day getting the run around by many different offices in the court house. Not to mention the long waiting lines and times. Ultimately, it was determined that the case did not even exist and the docket number was a FAKE!

I have never been sued before, and did not immediately recognize a phony court ordered appearance when I saw one.
It threw me off because it was delivered to my home via certified mail on an attorneys letterhead.

I assume she did this all to teach people a lesson not to mess with her?
She only came across as someone with a mental problem, as described by the clerks and officers at the courthouse.
They couldn't believe someone 3w2would do this!

Well, I plan to print out this blog and a group of us are going to file a massive motion against her. A REAL ONE.
I may have to wait until income tax time in order to gather enough money for this fight, but this woman can not think she could go around using the legal system to harass people + get away with it.

She bashed ME by attempting to violate my 1st amendment rights, made me miss days of work without pay + caused me deep emotional distress.

I am glad for this forum because it gave us an opportunity to reveal to the community exactly what kind of person we have leading our district.

Lastly, this is not a "bash" when I say this, but Simmons is a complete sociopath.This is not a bash this is a DIAGNOSIS.
After everything she put me and my family through, she had the nerve to approach me at a meeting, smile in my face and ask me If I enjoyed my Holiday.
As if nothing has happened!!!!!

If I was a different type of person, she would have been laid out cold on that floor!

I agree with the posters who say she is a complete narcissist that responds to criticism with acts of violence or threats.
A heartless psychopath with delusions of grandeur.
A pathological liar and might I add possibly bi-polar.

We have a mentally disturbed Superintendent running our School district, and there is

Anonymous said...

D.S. - I feel your pain. Not only was I dragged into court, during the process I was subjected to a slew of letters and phony "subpoenas" from Buffie's motley crew of attorneys. I was supposedly ordered to provide my personal info and IP address to her attorney on an semi-official sounding letter from his office. The docket number was not even for the case in which she and I were involved, but for another case. When I contacted the court to inquire, I was told no such subpoena was ever filed. The judge's secretary said, and I quote, "someone is trying to pull a fast one!" I was ready for Buffie when we got to court, too, phony subpoenas and video in hand. But when I got there, her attorney moved to dismiss her complaint, telling my attorney Buffie just "wants to move on with her life." Really? After you waste my time and money to involve me in your foolishness. Wish I had known at the time she was under investigation and had sworn out complaints on several people in different states and counties. Meanwhile, DOI investigators already had the more than 50 IP addresses involved. NONE were mine! Had I had this info, I would have insisted we go forward. Her attorney, if he knew of all this, should be disbarred. What a crackpot.

Anonymous said...

You folks needs to compare notes. Perhaps a meeting to exchange pertinent facts and evidence for a comprehensive bar association complaint and possibly even a real criminal complaint against this fool and her bush league lawyers? The real problem with criminals like Buffie Simmons and her low grade attorney, is that good people, often through no fault of their own, allow their crimes to go unpunished.

Anonymous said...

According to all publicly available information on Buffie Simmons, she claims she has a PhD from Trident University in the field of Education Leadership, whatever the heck that might be.

It has the ring of a contrived discipline, a field cooked up and fashioned into something for which it became possible to offer a degree that someone was willing to buy. Probably paid for by an uninformed school district.

Anyway, it appears Trident U is a spin-off of Touro College, pretty much the McDonald's of education.

Sexist! said...

You folks here are being way too kind to Andre Lawe.
He is just as much a scumbag as she is. Buffie is just worse because she was married with children and should've known better.

Andre Lawe has only shown people sexually graphic emails and photos FROM Buffie
But he has hid and deleted the stuff he sent to her.
How does one "force" gifts on another exactly.
Did Andre force Buffie to provide him with her financial information in order for him to qualify for a home loan?

Did Andre force Buffie to cosign a Used BMW for him, and have her pay for the cost of repairs whenever it broke down?

Did Andre force Buffie to pay for his student loans before he started defaulting on them?

Did Andre force Buffie to pay for hotel rooms and "business" trips all on her dime.

How bout the thousands of dollars Andre had Buffie donate to the church where he is Deacon of? But yet he discouraged her from attending because he did not want her to find out he was seeing other women (and men) from that same church.

What about him allowing Buffie to pay his utility bills?
I can go on and on but you folks need to remember that it takes TWO.

Andre has been sending people in this thread to paint Buffie in a bad light while he remains innocent.

He already cooperated with investigators and has given them everything they need in order to take Buffie down. Meanwhile when he speaks to Buffie he pretends to be supportive and sympathetic to her plight.

Buffie is in trouble today because of all the stuff she did FOR HIM!!!

We women do all sorts of stupid stuff for men, but at the end of the day it is us who get to suffer as they move on with their lives!
It's not fair! We need to do better.

Andre is on the fastrack to be principal today and possibly Superintendent himself one day as a direct result of the referrals and references provided by Buffie.

Meanwhile she's about to lose her job and the only thing he has to say to her now is "wow that's terrible. I will pray for you".

GTFOH. You people can't stand to see a black woman in power and will do anything to tear her down !
Meanwhile MEN get away with everything !!!

Sue him said...

You did what you did. Just OWN IT.
You bought it all on urself when you called all these people to court for putting on front street what you went out of your way to flaunt in front of them...
Here's an idea: Instead of suing them for speaking the truth on you; why don't you sue Andre Lawe?
You took out thousands of dollars off of your pension to pay for a down payment on his house. A house which he never wanted you to even visit.
Plus thousands more to finance all his other expenses because you were convinced the two of u were going to be together.

You HAVE all the emails and text messages to prove it.
Your life is in shambles right now and his only just begun.
Ur stuck paying student loans for a degree from Mickey Dees that is not even taken seriously.
Meanwhile he's advancing in life because you paid for him to go to NYU and Columbia.

Buffie get your life back. Sue his butt!

Anonymous said...


Can we have a round of applause to welcome
Ms. Carolyn James to the thread!

Tell us Carolyn. How does it feel being new Principal of IS211. Nice to see a black woman in a powerful position!
But no worries. No one here wants to tear you down
Also, how does it feel to know that BS also promised
Mr. Lawe the same position you now occupy?
You're going hard for Buffie, but don't forget she tried to back stab you.

You also sold Buffie out to investigators once they came knocking over the summer.
Don't get all self-righteous now.

Anonymous said...

Let's, for a moment, set aside the highly entertaining expose' of Buffie The School Board Slayer and return to something related to the title of this thread: Food Co-ops.

Great article in today's Crain's NY.

Food co-op spreads the wealth
The popular Park Slope Food Co-op will begin loaning funds to smaller collectives.

DECEMBER 8, 2013

The Park Slope Food Co-op, the largest in the country, with 16,300 members and $49 million in revenue, has a new mission. Though it has long acted as an adviser to other co-ops, for the first time in its 40-year history it will loan them money to start up or grow.

Its success, including net income this year of $221,544 and an endless stream of people who want to become members, has allowed it to launch a fund managed by a 501(c) foundation that will make low-interest-rate loans of about 2% at the grocer's discretion. The co-op is close to finalizing its application, and the first loans are expected to be made next year.

The fund has just $40,000 or so available now, but the general manager of the co-op, Joe Holtz, believes it has the potential to grow much larger. ”If just 3,000 of our members donated $30 a year, it would have $90,000,” he pointed out.

Donation cards are available near the store's checkout aisles. The first applicant is likely to be the Greene Hill Food Co-op in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. About two miles from the Park Slope store, Greene Hill even shares some members with its bigger neighbor.

“I think we will apply for the loan,” said DK Holland, a co-founder of the two-year-old store, whose 1,300 members hail from Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights and Fort Greene.

Rather than fearing competition, Mr. Holtz wants Greene Hill to grow to relieve some membership pressure on his popular co-op. “We don't ever consider co-ops competition,” he said. “A nearby co-op might lessen the demand for ours, so that would be a good thing.”

It's fascinating and disturbing to witness the hypocrisy these food co-ops embody. Especially the Park Slope Food Coop.

When it comes to abusing workers with low pay, the PSFC takes the cake. A cheap cake, I might add.

In the area where Jumaane Williams and others demand that McDonald's pay $15 and hour, the PSFC pays $ZERO per hour. And, as is clear from the size of the PSFC membership and the the coop's revenue, the existence of the PFSC has stopped conventional supermarkets that pay cash wages and benefits from opening.

How many? At least one. Probably two. Even more hypocritical is the PSFC boycott of hummus sold under the label of Sonny and Joe. Why? Because the ersatz social engineers voting on policy at the coop are angry over a pay issue at the hummus maker, which is in Brooklyn.

Now the PSFC is getting into the lending business, which means fewer people will find paying jobs in the supermarket business in Brooklyn.

Forget minimum-wage jobs. The new wage will be $ZERO if the PSFC has its way in the borough. Of course the "employees" of the PSFC and others are eligible for Food Stamps and other forms of public assistance. The workers might even increase their eligibility for receiving higher benefits by giving their time to food coops.

How many paid jobs are not created after a food coop appears? Ah, the hypocrisy running through the People's Republic of Brooklyn.