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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Envisioning the Neighborhood: Part II - Come Out This Sunday!

This Sunday, from 2-5PM at the Jewish Children's Museum, come be part of the Community Board's "plan" for the coming years. We did one of these back in November, and the feedback that CB9 got is helping to form the agenda for the future. The Board, and its committees, really do use these feedback sessions as the fuel for strategies and outreach to the City agencies and stakeholders involved.

And guess what...I'm hear to tell you that the City is listening. On one issue after another, the demands from the Community Board get attention. Do we always get what we want? Of course not. But the conversation is happening, and agencies know where we stand. And in a few areas, we've got some solid victories to point to.

So...please come out. PLUS, the Jewish Children's Museum, on Eastern Parkway at Albany, is a fantastic family day out. Enjoy free admission if you're attending the Envisioning session! They call it "Jewish," but if you ain't Jewish, it's not like it's restricted! It's still a marvelous museum full of historical games, exhibits and run-around space. All are welcome.

For those who attended the first round, thank you, come again!

Last time, areas of concern that became part of the blueprint for the future included:

  • Community Centers
  • Community Banks
  • Senior Centers
  • Development of Business Strips
  • Strategies to Reduce Trash
  • Addressing Lack of Engagement Around Economic Development
  • Development of the Empire Blvd Corridor
  • Creation of BIDs and Merchants Associations
  • Outreach to Absentee Landlords
  • Help for Startup Businesses
  • Combating Discriminatory Housing Practices
  • Affordable Housing Initiatives, City and State
  • Senior Services and Outreach to Seniors
  • Wellness Initiatives

and in regards to Safety:

  • More beat cops
  • Better lighting
  • Better traffic enforcement
  • Shutting down drug dealers and drug dens
  • Rethinking traffic patterns and pedestrian safety
  • Monitoring illegal after-hours clubs and parties
  • More security cameras.

Many of these things are already being addressed, and many more will need input and help from you, the people.

enough with the rah-rah. just come!


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Neighbor Rachel said...

Any chance Janette Sadik-Khan would go for something like this?