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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Camba Gardens - Actually Affordable Housing

Guitarist Vernon Reid was asked, back when he was high-flying with his rock band Living Colour, what the "New York Sound" was. He said if there was a NY Sound it was probably the sound of people looking for cheap apartments. And while there are no more "cheap" apartments to be had, at least not with bathrooms or electricity, we often hear about the crisis of affordable housing. Affordable housing. Yes, affordable housing...

Politicians are for it! (They're also for education, jobs and mothers). But what exactly is "affordable housing?" Sounds about as vague as the term "middle class." However to some non-profit developers, like CAMBA, affordable housing means something quite specific, and I doubt very much that any of you are paying anything like what CAMBA is offering for its newly constructed apartments at CAMBA Gardens, just down Clarkson Ave near Kings County Hospital. A one-bedroom for $810. A two-bedroom for $976. A three-bedroom for $1,127. Granted, you won't be living in Tribeca or Dumbo, but it ain't so bad in East Flatbush, or Wingate, or whatever you want to call Kingscounty-ville. CAMBA also built those new supportive services furnished apartments over at 97 Crooke Avenue in the micronabe the Q likes to call Caledonia, the ones for chronically homeless and seriously mentally ill tenants. CAMBA Gardens, however, has no such requirements. Thank God! It must be so hard to PROVE you're mentally ill and homeless on a housing application!! (off color joke, sorry).

If you want an application for CAMBA Gardens, see the below flyer, or go to Camba Gardens webpage. Granted the lottery will have brutal odds, but you never know. Actually, I have friends who have won these lotteries. You may have to apply for tons before you get an "affordable" apartment, but if your income falls into the guidelines it's certainly worth trying.

So why aren't there more options like this? And why does living in NYC have to rely so much on luck and timing? Whenever you hear a politician claim to be "for" affordable housing, I suggest you stick your hand up and demand exactly what they mean and how they're going to make it happen. Because anyone running for City office who doesn't know this stuff backwards and forwards is not worth voting for. And how about politicians who don't know about the many ways that tenants are harassed into leaving their longtime homes by greedy landlords? And how about politicians who don't know how city budgets work and how to leverage and influence others towards the needs of their districts? And how about politicians who...argh, don't get me started...


pam said...

if the tenant who is being harrassed lives in a rent stabilized unit they can get help from the NYS HCR. Any tenant can get help by calling Housing Court Answers or visiting their table in Housing court, or by calling Brooklyn Housing and Family Services.

CAMBA said...

Thanks to the Q at Parkside for your eloquent call for affordable housing – and for helping to let people in the community know about the opportunity to apply for affordable rental apartments at CAMBA Gardens.

CAMBA and CAMBA Housing Ventures share Q’s vision: a New York City where everyone can afford a decent place to live. We are working hard to make that vision a reality, and we encourage anyone who is eligible to apply for an apartment at CAMBA Gardens.

At 97 Crooke Avenue there are twenty (20) affordable studio apartments that are currently occupied by community residents that qualified based on income.

Anonymous said...

No, Q at Parkside, I really do want to see you get started on a rant about affordable housing. :)

Anonymous said...

Need permanent housing