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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Family Parade and Party This Weekend And You're Invited

Once a year, the 71st Precinct and the Community Council of that very same 71st Precinct, throw a Family Day Picnic meant to galvanize the relationship between the neighborhood and the cops that serve the community. To the cynics, I say hold your snickers. Many people on both sides of the uniform work very hard to improve relations and build trust so that we can all be safer. Events like this, when attended by as many people as possible, help foster such attitudes. I hope if any of you are looking for some good clean fun on Sunday, you'll consider heading out to the precinct at 11:30, or Hamilton Metz park sometime thereafter.

And who knows, maybe they'll be playing Family Team Taser Tag!

1 comment:

Bob Marvin said...

It's a shame that this event always conflicts with the house tour :-(

BTW, the HT predates this event by MANY years, so this is not a complaint typical of yuppie newcomers.