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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Federation of Block Associations

Marty Markowitz, in his year of victory laps, hereby promotes the annual assembly of The Federation of Brooklyn Block Associations. If you are a member of a block association or looking to form one, this is a great place to learn best practices and figure out how best to organize around issues beyond simple - but absolutely important to unity and mutual - block parties. That reminds me, I best get that Street Activity Permit application in pronto. Want to get a block party rolling for this year? Best do the same! (click that link for the SAP office, which works out to SAPO, when you add the "office" part). $25 and you get to close down your street. Just organize, e-apply, then contact your District Manager at the Community Board for the next steps. You'll need signatures and lots of goofy or serious activities, but it's a chance to befriend your neighbors in a way that mere howdies cannot.

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