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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SOS Forum Tonight in Crown Heights

I'm awed by the extraordinary mission of Save Our Streets (SOS) Crown Heights and strongly encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the causes and real community based solutions to street violence to attend. The flyer is below, and a website to SOS is here.

So often, gun violence erupts from known disputes. There is often an inevitability to the outcome when the adults are too scared, or too disinterested, to intervene. The lack of role models, particularly for young men, mean there's no one to step in when the resentment and anger take hold. Many men who've resorted to violence immediately feel remorse and had no intention of letting things get so out of hand. But rather than talk them down, peers often pile on the pressure to act, to tragic ends for all involved. As demonstrated in the film "The Interrupters,"  , there is much work to be done on the ground. If you want to make a donation to SOS, or get to know their work more closely, that's always a way to put some skin in the game towards lessening violence throughout Central Brooklyn.

Highly, highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

7-11 at Bedford and Empire!!!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you could insert the link to the website for SOS that you mentioned in the last update. Thanks.