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Monday, May 13, 2013

Tip of the Tongue

It WAS on the Tip of the Tongue! What I meant to say a few posts ago was that a reliable source tells the Q that ToT (a nickname that might just stick?), the new take-away and coffee and more place, will open next week to limited hours while they work out the kinks, and once said kinks our outworked, will open for the morning rush as well.

From an eagle-eyed reader comes the Craiglist post looking for baristas, below. This place is clearly on point with zeitgeist java protocols.

Tip of The Tongue is looking to hire new baristas for its Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn location right next to Prospect Park and the B/Q/S subway stop. We will be working closely with and serving Forty Weight Coffee. We are looking for somebody with experience, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic. We pride ourselves on excellent service, a deep connection with our customer base, and a strong knowledge for cutting-edge coffee.

- Must have genuine passion for coffee and the ability to pull great shots consistently (you must have pulled a shot within the last 3 months)
- Should be familiar with current trends in the specialty coffee industry, i.e. origin profiles, coffee processing methods, single origin espresso
- Our espresso is made on a La Marzocco GB/5.
- All of our coffee is brewed using a Fetco brewer and the pour-over method
- We make Japanese iced coffee as well as Toddy cold brew
- Basic latte art is preferred, but not required. (We can show you a thing or two without attitude)
- Experience with pourover extraction a plus
- Food Handler's License is a plus
- Flexible schedule


ElizabethC said...

Japanese Iced coffee? I'm setting up a permanent table for this summer...

Anonymous said...

Yes Yes Yes!!! We need more of these type of businesses in our hood. Owners that take pride in quality. Now with Tugboat and TofT here, PLG has finally started to make a name for itself!

Jeremy Zilar said...

Sounds ambitious. I wish them all the best.

Anonymous said...

jeez, the stuff one has to know to get a $10/hour(?) job...

JMB said...

I love it that they're going for a different coffee vibe than Tugboat (which I also love). I think there's definitely enough room in the market for both. Great to see that they're taking it so seriously. Looking forward to the addition to the neighborhood.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

"The Beatles" is a crappy name when you think about it...

If people like the place, the name will not matter a whit. Or even two whits.

They could call it "Tongue" and that would really be gross, but we'd all grow to love it.

"Two Tongues," like "Two Boots," would be even grosser.

"Moist Tongue," or "Saliva" would probably not go over as well, especially for a place that serves pastries. "Drool" would also be worse than the lot, though "Pucker" or "Lip Smackers" could work. How about "Tongues and Tongues of Fun." "Tongue to Tongue" or "Lone Ranger and Tongue-Toe," in deference to K-Dog and Dune Buggy. Or "Tongue-sten" for you science buffs. Those who loved Dragnet's music might get "Tongue, T-Tonghue Tongue."

See? Tip of the Tongue will do just fine.

The Snob said...

You forgot "Slip of the Tongue," in deference to the 1989 opus from Whitesnake.

diak said...

or maybe it's a tribute to that great gourmand John Candy (R.I.P.) and his wonderful SCTV character, Dr. Tongue.

Anonymous said...

There will be A LOT of events going on in the 'hood this weekend....hopefully they will be able to open by then and can capitalize on them.

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