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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bedford Avenue Gonna Start To Feel Very Different

The march of progress? The marring of a neighborhood? Either way, Bedford is about to experience a serious makeover. This is but one new project, born of the death of two wood-frame houses. 1930 Bedford is between Hawthorne and Fenimore.

Experts out there want to explain what's being said here? Four ambulatory medical offices. Gym. Class A apartments? 27 bikes, 21 cars...


roxv said...

speaking of bedford, this was spotted last night; in between lenox and caton, where 3 wood frame houses had been torn down.

Alex said...

No idea about the 3rd floor recreation space, but the medical offices are being included so that they can collect some commercial rent in the absence of a commercial overlay. Medical offices, schools, and a few other types of tenants can occupy community space.

no_slappz said...

Ambulatory medical offices? How about walk-in methadone/drug treatment sites?

Recreation space? Where the addicts go to sleep it off before getting methadone.

As for the residential space? Housing for AIDs patients.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

I've alluded to the fact that No Slappz continues to send me comments despite the fact I don't publish them anymore. This is classic Slappz, just so you get a sense of why I can't be bothered to print them. I think he actually lives in the neighborhood and isn't a troll from Tallahassee or some such place. He has too many insider jabs, cites specific info from time to time.

Slappz, send me an email. Love to know who you are and why the constant negativity and cynicism. Maybe dropped on your head by a hippy at an impressionable age?

cali said...

Im so bummed. I live in one of the apts on fenimore directly facing this.. The little view that i have is or was the back yards of these 2 houses. Now im going to soon be looking at brick wall. This is so lame!

Anonymous said...

I have to side with Slappz on this one. There's plenty of totally messed up things that happen in this neighborhood, and to pretend otherwise is ridiculous. What you smugly call cynicism I call recognizing basic human psychology, as well as having a knowledge of how history repeats.

I also don't think it's beyond the realm of comprehension that someone who disagrees with the leftist views of this blog could actually live in this neighborhood. Plenty of my black neighbors are social conservatives (I'm white and fairly conservative myself). Unfortunately, our viewpoint has no media outlet as this blog only covers "half the story" and is generally afraid to confront uncomfortable truths, and dissenting opinions are shouted down as "angry" or "negative" (among other things).

Clarkson FlatBed said...

You side with Slappz about what, anon? Did you read what he said? What exactly is it that you find "true?"

And what are the uncomfortable truths that I'm afraid to confront? I think I talk about it all, but I may come to different conclusions than you and Rush. So what? That's what talking turkey's all about.

Your viewpoint can be expressed as a comment anytime. I won't censor you, but I'm not going to pretend to be anyone other than who I am. If you step over the line, I'll cut you off. Slappz is flat-out cruel and obsessed with attacking blacks as lazy, stupid and violent. He hates the poor and any effort to help people. He tries to couch his anger in logic, but right under the surface he just plain doesn't care for much of humanity. Fine. He needs his own blog. I ain't giving him a forum here.

So again I ask...what is it about HIS smug, cynical comment do you agree with? I'm well aware of the social service buildings and programs all around us. It's a big city, it has big problems. I don't shy away from any of it. And I have no problem with conservatives. I have a problem with ignorance, hate and fear of others. And yeah, racism.

Alex said...

"AIDS patients"? I can't think of a better way of revealing true ignorance on the subject of the HIV epidemic.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

I'm also annoyed that people think this is a newspaper. I have no advertisers for a reason. It's a place for me to work out my thoughts publicly, and of course they're gonna be full of my opinions. That's the whole point. And I've actually changed opinions on a number of issues as a result of more info and others' input.

If you want a more diverse set of thoughts on the neighborhood, go the PLG Facebook page. It's opinionated too, but perhaps more equal, since anyone can post OR comment. I think that functions much more as a community billboard. I toyed with being that but simply didn't have the time. I'm happy to post ya'lls flyers though.

I'd also point out that my opinions may be left of center, but plenty of folks would argue that I'm not a leftist. I get called out by people all the time for being too conservative. Whatever.