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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Birdman Stayeth

from flatbushed

Fantastic piece on Winston of Rogers from Flatbushed. I've been dying to write a post on him for like the past hundred years. Thank you Flatbushed for a loving essay. (This cat can write!) Add him to your bloglist if you haven't already. And here's a piece on MY technician over on Flatbush, Voltan.

A tidbit to whet your appetite:

So Winston turned to his birds.
For several hours each day, he shaves down raw cow horns. He then bends, manipulates, cuts and lacquers them until they’re reincarnated as miniature aquiline sculptures. Each bird, he estimated, requires roughly 80 hours of labor to complete.
The origins of his self-created niche are not entirely clear. Winston said he recalls sculpting cow horns as a child and slowly perfecting his technique over the years. But he declined to explain why he only fashioned birds. Or why he selected cow horns as a lifelong medium.

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Ms. Carmen said...

I get a lot of my science materials from him :)