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Monday, June 1, 2015

Tangled Up In Blue

Images like the above are likely to be a much more common occurrence with the coming of new beat cops. Two recent develops will affect those of us in the northern reaches of Flatbush, which came from the most recent 70th Precinct Council meeting:
  • The precinct has assigned two Parade Ground posts, which means there will be four cops working there “pretty much from morning to night,” Executive Officer Sanseverino said, noting that’s “something we’ve never been able to afford.”
  • Flatbush Avenue, from Parkside Avenue to the Junction, has been added to the precinct’s Impact Program — meaning there will be additional police presence in the area during the day, Sanseverino said.


Alex said...

And... the 71st gets bupkis. In their apathy, they probably haven't put in a request for more resources.

babs said...

Agreed; it's so much easier just to tell people to move if they have a problem with crime in the area.