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Friday, June 5, 2015

Must To Do: Crime Forum on Monday

So, you might ask, why should I attend some crime thing up on Classon? Well, to put it mildly, I think we're at a serious juncture in the world of police/community relations, and with the uptick in serious crime in the City, it might really be time to listen to what the cops are saying and speak our minds back at them. Hopefully in a civil environment! The topics include Youth Programs, Body Cameras, Gangs, Prevention...and here's the thing that recommends this one to me: it's run by Patrol Borough Brooklyn South. A strangely constructed phrase, this Patrol Borough Brooklyn South. But what PBBS means is that it's not about a single precinct, but rather the command and control center that deals with deploying resources, identifying hot spots, coordinating efforts with the D.A. and all that good stuff. It's the mysterious middle-management part of the NYPD that's actually very important to how the police engage with our neighborhoods. Deputy Chief Jeffrey Maddrey is "the Man," and he's the Bratton appointed head of PBBS. He's on the left in this pic:

So come on out if you're even remotely interested in improving BOTH relations and enforcement.

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Christina said...

Since you're my source for all things crime related in the neighborhood, do you have to know what happened last night on Parkside just off of Flatbush? Like 8 cops came running into my building banging on doors and then I heard them say a suspect was heading west and the majority of them drove off. Next thing you know, there's a FDNY ambulance pulling onto the scene. It's scary because it was in my building so I've been trying to figure out what happened.