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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Crime Blotter

Local crime-tracking duo Nicole Fabri and Vinnie Martinos once again put on their forensic gloves to create a geographically specific (it's called Sector C, or Charlie, for Lefferts) portion of the 71st Precinct. Feel free to add anything you know of that didn't get reported in this exercise, which involves going through the reports one by one to determine which are Leffertsian. I'm curious why we don't see all incidents of shooting. I'll ask. I suspect it's because someone must be hit in order to end up in Felony Assaults?

Crime Report
April 1 - May 31, 2015

April 9th, 4:00PM. 308 Sterling street. Cell phone and clothes (shoes) taken physical force.

April 23rd, 2:30PM. 697 Flatbush. Bike taken by simulation of firearm.

April 24th, 6:00PM. 49 Clarkson. Victim punched in face. Bag taken containing electronics (Ipad Air.)

April 24th, 12:00PM. Clarkson and Nostrand Ave. Cell phone taken physical force.

May 1st, 6:00PM. 537 Flatbush Ave. Commercial store held up at gunpoint. $2000 in cash taken.

May 4th, 11:00AM. 135 Clarkson Ave. Cell phone taken physical force.

May 4th, midnight. 214 Lincoln Rd. Cell phone taken physical force. Two females, 20 and 18 yrs old arrested.

May 8th, 4:30. Nostrand and Winthrop in subway station. Jewelry taken by force.

May 9th, 7:00PM. 9 Clarkson Ave. Cell phone taken by force, arrested 16 yr old male.

May 11th, 12:30AM. 25 Lefferts Ave. At gunpoint in hallway of apartment building, $700 in cash and cell phone taken.

May 12th, 8:30PM. 534 Flatbush Ave. Commercial bodega, removed merchandise from store. Worker tried to stop him, was punched in face. Male 24 yrs old arrest.

May 13th, 9:00PM. 1026 Nostrand Ave. Commercial restaurant. Physical force used, $120 was taken.

May 25th, 5:30PM. Flatbush and Winthrop. Cellphone taken by force. 25 yr old male arrested.

May 25th, 4:00PM. 397 Fennimore. Cell phone taken physical force.

May 25, 2:00PM. 280 Hawthorne Street. Jewelry taken by force.

May 29th, 4PM. Flatbush and Ocean Ave in subway station. Cell phone taken.

Felony Assaults
April 23rd, 3:00PM. 279 Clarkson Avenue. Perp attempted to shoot victim with firearm. Missed, and was arrested.

May 24th, 75 Hawthorne St. Person hit with chair. Arrest was made.

Burglaries (when the police have entrance as front door, without noting that it was forced entry, this can indicate that a person known to the location, who would have access, is the perpetrator)

March 29, midnight. 1980 Bedford Ave, apartment. Through front door, electronics taken.

April 5th, 10:00PM 184 Maple Street private house. Took electronics and jewelry. Unknown point of entry.

April 8th, 9:00PM. 1022 Nostrand Ave. Took $120 and cell phone came in through front door.

April 9th, 1:00AM. 279 Nostrand Ave. Broke bottom door of bodega. Nothing taken.

May 2nd, 9:00AM. 225 Parkside Ave. Came in through fire escape. Removed property and 26 y old male was arrested at the scene and is in custody.

May 18th, 4:30AM. 469 Flatbush Ave. Wendy's restuarnt, no property taken, just damaged front door.

May 23rd, 4:00AM. 654 Flatbush Ave. Front door damaged, took $100 cash and cell phone.

May 27th, 10:30PM. 429 Lincoln Rd, apartment Came in through rear door took electronics.

Grand Larceny (No physical force between victim and perp)

April 2nd, 7:00PM. 586 New York Avenue, commercial location. Person put wallet down on counter and unknown person took it.

April 3rd, 5:00PM. 225 Parkside Ave. Perp took tools. 34 yr old male arrested.

April 5th, 1:00AM. Nostrand and Winthrop. Cell phone taken from person.

April 27th 7:00PM. (Address?)Took hammer and broke window and took jewelry off shelf.

May 1st, 1:30AM. Lincoln Rd and Bedford Ave. Front window broken. Credit cards removed from car.

May 7th 6PM. Sterling and Nostrand. Cell phone taken and arrest was made

May 9th, 12:00PM. 2400 Beekman. Perp took credit card and cell phone from woman's stroller.

May 19th, 257 Lefferts Ave. $1400 taken out of private house by unknown means.

May 24th, 9:00PM. Maple and Flatbush Ave. Perp pick pocketed credit and debit card.

May 27th, 12:30PM. 565 Flatbush Ave. Pickpocket credit and debit cards.

Month of April. 187 Lefferts Ave, apartment building. Property manager was collecting rent from tenants without authority and not remitting it to building owner, from January to April 2015, totaling $24,000.

From April 1 - May 31, 2015, 14 cases of identity theft were reported in our area. Victims were in PLG, the perps were anywhere in the world. 71st Precinct made 3 arrests in the past month and found an ATM skimmer on a bank at Utica and Easter, as well as East New York and Lefferts, and did a warrant on Clarkson where a skimmer was recovered from someone's apartment. Warrant was originally for narcotics but a skimmer was recovered. These are mobile skimmers that can be used by workers in restaurants or anyone else who handles credit cards.

Grand Larceny Auto
April 4th, 9:00PM. 576 Parkside Ave. 2001 Tan Chrysler Town and Country stolen.

April 7th, 7:00AM. 105 Winthrop St. 1998 Gray Lexus stolen.

April 16th, 8:00PM. 96 Sterling St.1996 Green Acura stolen.

May 11, 8:00PM. 44 Empire Blvd. 2009 Gray Ford stolen.

May 26th, 9:30PM. 268 Lincoln Rd. 2014 Blue Yamaha motorcycle stolen.



Anonymous said...

no shootings either!

Anonymous said...

no shootings either!

Jacob said...

How do you get access to the blotter?
Anybody know about shots fired yesterday afternoon at Church and Rogers?

Caucasian Please said...

One of my Jewish homeboys was robbed in front of his house on May 5 at 9:15 pm. Police have some video.

On May 9, broad daylight, about 4 pm, crowded street, a young man robs a woman and runs to the Harry Silver Co-op Houses sheeking over. The perp had fired a shot to scare the woman. This was a different perp than the May 5 incident as per the victim of the May 5 incident.

The cops were amazing. So many cop cars came. It was just like the movies, except there was no 20 police car crash pile up at the end. The assailant was chased and caught by a cop who, may I say, was NFL caliber, faster than an MTOPP ULURP meeting disruption.

So the question is, why weren't the above crimes documented on the blotter, and how many others weren't documented ? Is there a website for the blotter?

Random thought - is the Q part of the Q Continuum ?

Anonymous said...

Looks like crime is busting out all over.

Anonymous said...

Am definitely curious to know how your gunshot query turns out, Q. It seems like a fairly major public safety statistic to leave out, whether anyone's hit by the bullet or not.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

First, remember these are hand-picked to be from Sector Charlie, which is roughly Lefferts Gardens. If the crimes you're considering aren't below Empire, west of NY Ave, and East of Ocean, they're not part of this specially made blotter. You can get the whole 71st (or 70th or 67th for that matter) precinct at NYPD's crime statistics site.

Second, the problem with shootings without victims is: it's really rare that a report will be written up unless an officer witnesses the shooting, or the person who was "missed" files a complaint. That's because no bullet or weapon is recovered and no one is asking for help. A 911 call is absolutely needed so the cops show up and try to ascertain what happened. The more 911s the better. But yeah, it sucks that we're not going to get those baked into the statistics.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

But if things are missing, knowing the above, PLEASE let us know!

Jacob said...

The NYPD site only has pdfs with listings of crimes, not the intersections or the descriptions of crimes. Where do you get those?