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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oaxaca Rising

There's a new cowboy in town, name of Oaxaca. With picante pistols at his side, he plans to take Sterling 'n' Rogers in a blaze of fiery fish flautas.

Thx Mark S for the photo. It kinda looks an old west Saloon. Needs swinging half doors.


Anonymous said...

giddy up!

Anonymous said...

You are a terrible writer.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Yeah, these quick ones while I'm at work are pretty lame. I'll give it to you this time.

Curious whether you're a regular. If you think that way about ALL my posts, then I suggest you write your own blog. I'm sure you're tremendous. People who write pithy, nasy, boring comments are usually the BEST writers. Herman Melville, for instance. His best blog comment ever "Go Back To Harvard, nerd." Gotta love the Dick, as all his mariner friends used to call him.

If I had more than five minutes to write these things, I assure you it'd be Pulitzer every time out.

Anonymous said...

Also people who can't say anything to back up what they proclaim make amazing writers too. Those who think because a blunt statement came out of their brain, just that fact alone, makes it profound. I love those writers.

But I love tacos even more! Yee haw.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Tacos, blog post? Blog post, tacos? Read blog, tacos? Write comment, tacos?

It's a no-brainer.

I met the dude who's overseeing this operation last night. They're on their game. It'll be a very, very successful take-out and delivery joint, and a good spot to stop in for burrito and beer. Not a bar, not open super-late.

MikeF said...

PLG seems to be in the stage where resident are excited to get a new Mexican place. Those of us in Crown Heights remember that stage fondly.

Now, we have too many medicore Mexican places to count.

Anonymous said...

Smith St -> 5th Ave -> Vanderbilt Ave -> Franklin Ave - > Rodgers Ave?

MikeF said...

I don't think they will change the spelling to "Rodgers"

JMB said...

Actually, Melville's best snotty/pithy blog comment would probably have been "I would prefer not to." But anyhoo, I think you do a lovely job of covering essential and nonessential neighborhood goings on here and your voice is distinct and unique and inimitable. So thanks.