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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wine Shoppe Coming to Nostrand

A little bird tells the Q that his little olde wine shoppe is opening on Nostrand, not on southern Flabenue as previously reported. That's not to say that the OTHER wine shoppe up by Bluebird Cafe isn't still on. But these things take time, what with the NY State Liquor Authority and everything. But the little bird referenced in the first sentence, who isn't related to Bluebird or the wine shopppe opening near it, is opening on the same block as the world famous Alan's bakery. What along with IM Pastry and Deserts by Michael Allen and a rumored Farm to Market grocery store, Nostrand is shaping up to be the sort of place you can healthy, fat and drunk all in one fell swoop. And express yourself in ceramics with the wonderful Lindiwe Kamau. 


babs said...

Remember that one desert is enough but two desserts are delightful. And don't forget Pels Pies around the corner on Rogers. This is all within a few blocks of my house - very dangerous!

Andre said...

We love Lindiwe Kamau and are so very happy that such wonderful commercial neighbors will be joining her on Nostrand. Very exciting to see all the new development on Nostrand as well as on Rogers.