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Thursday, January 7, 2016

150 Sterling Street Gets Visit From Grinch

Apparently Christmas was cancelled at 150 Sterling Street, when The Grinch, dressed as narcotics officers from 71st Precinct, removed all the presents, tinsel and holiday goodies from the home of Richard Ramos:

Thx to Rachel from DNAInfo for the story.


Adrian said...

It's worth noting that the arrestee was a upstairs tenant and that the long term resident owner had nothing to do with this.

Arms House said...

It is also worth noting that despite that scary looking picture and the police describing this as a grow house those rifles are BB guns and if your dried out that plant it would barely fill a dime bag. The guy should certainly get pinched for the actual guns but the 71st seem to be a bit overzealous in posting this pic to their twitter account.

Anonymous said...

All the windows are gone in that apartment now- plywood filling the windows.