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Sunday, January 17, 2016

I Am Peace - Local Kids Doing The Right Thing

Folks from the outside may have good intentions. But as we've learned from the "Interrupter" model of dealing with street violence, the most effective way to stop the bloodletting is from the inside - from people who get the causes and know the players. Recently the Q wrote about GMACC, a committed group of folks dedicated to employing former gangbangers to help stop the escalation of resentments between rivals, before tragedy strikes.

And in the case of the local group BlackMarketWares is a terrific group of young folks (Christian Waterman, CEO; Anika McInnis, COO; Theod Elien, Creative Consultant; Marc Maxis, Marketing and Design Consultant centered around the Ebbets Field Apartments area and Jackie Robinson Playground. Started as a "lifestyle" brand, they turned to community work as a smart way to grow their brand and combat the bad juju that  despite so much that's creative and positive about young urban culture.

The Q strongly encourages you to watch their documentary for their I AM PEACE initiative. Trailer below, then the doc, and then a way to help out.

Watch the whole documentary here:

YoungKings on Slam

The fact is, they need some dough to put on their tournaments. Not a ton. But if you want to help, just do the Go Fund Me thang:

Fund the Peace

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