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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Flabenue Goes Fratbush? More Like Vegas.

What's with all the flashing neon? Even Castillo de Jagua, soon to open where the last Dominican place was, has invested in some spectacular visuals to go with its victuals.

Given the recent uptick in neon and flash one might assume that either a) laws governing them have become more lax or b) the price has come down to within reach of the average store owner. All I know is that I'd prefer not to have one shining in MY window when I'm trying to sleep. Thoughts?

Last night the Q walked down the Flabenue from Empire and was blown away by the nightlife activity. The salons were crowded and lively as usual, but so were the saloons. There was a party scene happening in Bluebird Cafe, a gallery opening at Tugboat, Midwood Flats could have been a college party, there was a packed house at Burger Mexicano, Erv's was filled to the gills with jovial inebriation, Westbury Inn was getting rolling, an elegant crowd raised wine glasses to their personal pan pizzas at Parkside, Mango Seed and Zurilee were jumping...all that to say the Flabenue has come a long way in just three or four years. And unlike Franklin Ave north of Eastern Parkway, the crowd seems more comfortably diverse, by age, race and style. I've not yet felt compelled to call Flatbush FRATbush, though somebody's gotta be the first. Okay, I'll be the first. Flatbush is becoming Fratbush. Too easy...and not really true. Where IS Fratbush? Ah yes. Near Barclay's and downtown. Particularly on game nights.


Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure it is the low cost of LED lighting that has caused the outbreak of hyper-bright signs on Flatbush Ave. They are still very much illegal in our hood, but without a bunch of complaints the city won't send out an inspector. The business owners take on the risk of a fine in the hope that no one complains.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's almost 100% the cost. LED signs are so incredibly cheap now compared to either themselves of the past or neon. A side effect though is that they are also brighter than the past too! A bad combination that causes people to over do it so often. Unfortunately it's so hard to monitor this because anyone can go on amazon and order one for themselves and plug it into a generic outlet as long as they don't blow a breaker. Hopefully most places realize they really don't help your marketing and pass, but that doesn't seem the be the trend nearby right now.

kimplicated said...

Interesting that you mention this. From an article on the new Dekalb Market:
"The design of the individual stations will be left completely up to the vendors — with one catch. “Everyone’s required to have old fashioned neon,” Castellani said with a smile, noting a personal preference and nostalgia for what she finds to be a dying industry decor."

jessica said...

Please - everyone who is bothered by the influx of chintzy blinding flashing Vegas style LED on Flatbush - report it to 311. These signs are not legal in R7-1 zoning.

Here is a link to the appropriate 311 department:

The zoning text is quite clear regarding illuminated and flashing signs. With the exception of the Phat Albert/Discount Beverage/Gas station triangle, FLASHING signs are NOT permitted. Illuminated signs are subject to various regulations, and in residential districts they are restricted to hospitals and related facilities (no, pharmacies don't count). Because Flatbush Ave has a C1 overlay, some illuminated signage may be permitted. But flashing signage is not.

Here's that complaint link again (in Fancy html): Building Sign Complaint

jessica said...

You can also make a "light" complaint about a business awning, storefront or marquee here