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Friday, January 22, 2016

Wack Zoning Makes Strange Bedfellows

Fedders & this. Seems to be where we're heading.
The Q's having one of those days. Cabia Doily managed to convince the underprepared Exec Committee of CB9 that yours truly should be "tried" for corruption. For faking a vote on the Transportation Committee which happened in front of the committee. The strategy of CD (a/k/a AB) is to shut down all talk around anything she doesn't agree with. It appears to be working very, very well. One can't count on anyone to do anything but cower, afraid of what exactly I have no clue. Anything. I can't get a single vote out of the Transportation Committee. On Wednesday a guy from DOT came to show us how they want to put neck-downs at the major intersections around the school PS 221. No brainer, right? Shorter intersection to cross for kids. Safer. Much safer, being done all over town. We're not even talking about losing parking or lanes to drive. One newly appointed committee member says she can't vote on whether to send a letter of recommendation. Has to go out and see it herself. As if her years of non-expertise her look-see will shine a light. I'm now living in an alternate topsy-turvy reality where the only conceivable point of people applying to be part of the CB9 process are people hell-bent on making life as miserable as possible. Stop the City from doing anything. Call out everyone for being corrupt and not following the "process." Pure insanity. Now I'm being summoned before the Exec to explain a vote that happened in September that I talked about in October that we didn't vote on in October, November or December and then I took a revote to make everyone happy and now they say the revote shouldn't have counted because they're trying to figure out whether the first vote in September really happened even though it was never voted on at the full Board meaning it's basically been nothing but discussion up til now. And when I told them to ask the other committee members that were there whether the vote happened that doesn't seem to be the point even though of course it's the whole point except that the real point is that Cabia has made it clear to her allies that she won't rest until I'm off the Board. Let's see, she cost a woman her job (Pearl), and a Chairman his gig (Dwayne Nicholson) and cheated the whole neighborhood out of a City Planning Study. Mrs. CFB still can't believe what she witnessed at a ULURP committee meeting the other night (she'd never seen one in action), where non-committee members spent much of their time muttering throughout the meeting at which, I shit you not, Cabia Doily stood in the middle of the room talking and refusing to budge until she got her way. She's her own original Amazon series, free to anyone with Prime.

I just read another note in which the dubiously organized Empire Study Group claims that by resisting everything they'll keep shop owners and residents in their homes and fight gentrification. Let's see how well that works, shall we?


Bob Marvin said...

I hope you'll consider going on the attack at that dubious meeting with the CB 9 Exec. board–you have nothing to loose and can maintain your integrity AND sanity.

I'm so glad that I had the sense to drop out of CB 9 several years ago, when it was merely boring and dysfunctional.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Boyd sounds like she has taken some lessons from the Republican party: just shout lies loud and long enough and folks start to believe they are true, or at least submit because they don't want to hear the screaming anymore. So sorry, Q.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure she was the woman yelling at my room mate to pick up her dog's crap the other day before the first turd hit the ground.

Bob Marvin said...

Herr Goebbels used that technique long before either the republicans or Ms. Boyd

Dave 'Paco' Abraham said...

Pretty sure I was at that meeting, and know at least 3 others who attended too if you need more voices. That said, it doesn't seem like reason will work in CB9. Much of the blame goes to AB and the CB itself, but then again... a lot of blame goes to the Councilmember and boro Pres who continue appointing such loons.

Alex said...

I'm pretty pissed off at this point that our neighborhood is being held hostage by CB9 when it comes to any sort of infrastructure improvement. Do we have any recourse as a community at all? We should not be denied safer school crosswalks because some ignoramus can't be convinced. Utter insanity.

Anonymous said...

Dear Executive Board Members

As long as our elected officials, public officials and representatives

are not punished, the corruption in our government,

from our community boards to the Governor’s office will continue.

Tim Thomas, Community Board 9 member

and Chair of Transportation committee,

has had evidence produced at an Executive Board meeting,

On Tuesday, January 19, 2015,

by Karen Fleming, Community resident,

against him which shows that he, lied and fabricated a vote

regarding the Transportation Committee, voting 4-0 in favor of

the DOT changing two pieces of land on Empire Blvd,

which is in violation of the NYS Penal Law article 175.

In Response to the allegation the Executive Board did the right thing

and voted to have the proposed vote of Empire Blvd be tabled!

However, Demetrius Lawrence, chairman who was directed to table

the vote at the meeting the very next day, disregarded the

Executive Board decision and not only allowed the vote, but voted for the Project!

This is the problem! The law is very clear that Chair people can not disregard

the voted and legal decisions of Executive Boards, otherwise there would be

no need to have an Executive Board!

Now what is going to happen to Demetrius, Nothing as he lies and

says he didn’t understand etc...

This is why videotaping is so important, because otherwise the stuff

that is happening now with Tim Thomas vote would happen all the time!

Where a few people will lie.

Now Tim is claiming that a vote took place on September 16, 2015

and he has two White men to agree to it.

Well I say let them put it in writing!

Let them lie for Tim

Because this case is going to the DA!

It is a criminal act for an appointed public official

to fabricate a vote and anyone aiding and abiding in that as well!

We know that Karen Fleming and Fred Baptist have already stated they don’t

recall the vote, despite Tim writing in a FOIL request that Fred voted!

According to the legal minutes submitted to CB9

the DOT presented last and it states

“(No committee action required)”

(see the attached minutes of that meeting)

This means that no vote was taken.

Now if his friends want to lie for him that is on them

but let me tell them, everyone pays the piper!

Furthermore, I have asked time and time again for the list

of appointed members of all CB’s committee members,

including board members and community residents.

Without this list, we the community and even the members

of committees can never know when quorum has been created

or to assess who is on the committees as voting members.

Also is Demetrius on all of the committees, or is he just showing

up when a vote needs to be taken. CB9’s Bylaws do not automatically

place him on every committee, so he has be placing himself on them

Which draws the question is he coming to all of the meetings?

And why is he on all of the committees etc..

( Part One of Two )

Anonymous said...

(part two of two)

We the community demand full accountability of CB9.

We demand to know who are the members of each committee

and we also need to know how are members chosen, both board

members and community residents.

There are over 30 community residents applications that have simply

been ignored by CB9, why?

We know that the main reason is to ensure that CB9 board members

always have the majority of votes, so despite community opposition

all a chair has to do is place all of his friends on the committee, limit

the amount of community residents and then just vote away!!!

Case in point on Tim Thomas committee,

where five white men are now making decisions for over 200,000 people!

No I didn’t make it up, look at the video for yourself!

The black people all voted against (except Demetrius)

and all the white men, who don’t live anywhere near Empire Blvd

voted for it!

At this point, the community is demanding that this vote that

was taken at the transportation be declared void at the Community Board

meeting on Tuesday, because the Executive Board had voted for it to

be tabled and not to take place!

Demetrius Lawrence nor Tim Thomas may override an direct directive of

the Executive Board!

Tim Thomas, as directed by the Executive board needs to present his case during

the Business session, on Tuesday, January 26, 2016,

which I suggest should include signed affidavits

from his so called friends who seem to remember a vote.

Hearsay should not be allowed as evidence!

Everyone else please make sure you come and speak about this issue

during the Public Comment Period, which will happen before the

Business session, because you won’t be able to afterwards!

Lastly, during the Executive Board meeting Demetrius stated that I wasn’t

being allowed on committees, because I was filing FOIL and lawsuits.

My response is, if Demetrius Lawrence and certain members of CB9

such as Tim Thomas and Michael Librurd

were adhering to the law, there would be no need to file lawsuits or FOIL

When in fact it is their continued behavior that continues to warrant

pressure from the community, as we continue to act like watch dogs!

To Stop Corruption!


cc The Community!

Anonymous said...

How is AB still being referenced in conversations. The old guard in our neighborhood is OVER. Our schools suck and our streets are dirty. There are mentally ill people accosting residents and drug dealers. PLG is a mess. Yeah the property values have gone up and we now have a few restaurants that are not disgusting but we have a long way to go. I have been here for only about 5 years and have seen a lot of changes. I feel like this population that does not want thing to change has to accept that other people live here that want different things than them. AB is not the Voice of PLG.

The frequent shootings and rampant crime is a symptom of poverty and that sucks. Being a life long NYC resident the displacement issue is a common thing experienced by EVERONE I know. Things change prices go up. Deal with it ! That is why my parents left Brooklyn and loved to NJ.

This is not your city it is everyone's!!! And it is dynamic growing organism. Fighting change is a futile endeavor. Be a part of the change and shape the change in a way that will benefit all residents. The poor/"rich"/middle class all have a right to live in PLG and have access to services that appeal to their tastes.

It makes me insane for a small group to push their agenda in the total population. AB cry all you want but please cash in like before and sell you multi million dollar mansion and go somewhere people want to listen to your mental illness.

Alex said...

The public has no fucking recourse at all when it comes to community boards because the members are appointees, yet CB9 has the power to undermine important initiatives that basically everyone wants to see through to fruition. It's outrageous and grotesquely undemocratic. And despite petitions with 300 names that contradict our "representation" via CB9, city agencies still listen to their advisory decisions. Something needs to change, but it feels like we have nowhere to turn as a community. Incremental changes to board membership will not help.

Anonymous said...

Her visions for Empire Blvd. are pure crap. Honestly, there is no chance in hell of getting what she thinks she can get, especially now that the 421-a tax abatement is on the rocks. What incentive would any developer have for affordable housing if it goes residential? Like, zip! She's so concerned about luxury towers that she can't see giant boxy storage units looming on the horizon. And it's not even for HER STREET! It's Empire Blvd, NOT Sterling! I've been down her street MANY TIMES and every time I pass her house I can't help but feel the impulse to fart in her general direction.