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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Loogieman Identified - Spitting Image of Description

The cops say they found the loogieman who's been spitting on neighbors. A lot of questions have come up about the legality of spitting in people's faces. And while it might not be a common enough crime to warrant special penalties, it's still a public nuisance of the highest order. The Q thinks that giving the guy a good talking to and evaluation was the right move. Talking to the Family sounds about right too. Hopefully that's enough to make him stop. If not, you could always take it to the D.A. and see what they want to do. But no, it's not okay to spit in faces. That's one thing I think we all can agree upon?

Earlier this week the 71 Precinct brought in an individual we believe was responsible for spitting on several members of the community. During the investigation we determined that all the crimes he had committed were violations and were not subject to arrest. These crimes were documented under Harassment violations and are not arrest able offense's unless witness by a Police Officer. The individual was referred to Kings County Hospital for psychological evaluation.  We are in contact with the family and will be provide any additional assistance that may be needed. 


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see this seems to be handled perfectly. So often the wrong that cops do gets blown up (in some cases it should, but not all), but when they do their job correctly there isn't any praise, let alone equal. Hopefully this is the end of the issue and he gets the help he seems to need.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if this is the same guy I saw spit on someone at the corner of Lincoln and Flatbush last week. Got close to the guy by pretending to have a cough, bumped into him, then spat directly in his face and calmly turned around to walk the complete opposite direction he'd walked in order to spit on his target. I saw the whole thing, and there was no doubt he targeted his victim: a doughy twenty-something with nice clothes and a laptop bag. Like I said, he went completely out of his way—about half a block at least—just to spit on this guy. And the victim had absolutely no cue how to react. By the time he finished saying, "Dude! What the fuck?!?" the perp. was already across Lincoln and heading south on Flatbush. No cough any more, and walking as though nothing had happened. First thought in my mind wasn't that he needed mental help. It seemed very calculated and more likely that he dislikes young, affluent folks in the neighborhood (i.e. gentrifiers). The motive is pure speculation, sure, but he seemed poised and calculated, not crazy.

Anonymous said...

I just signed the petition to have the dogs removed from that horrible owner who kept them outside in a blizzard. I would have liked to see a petition to have whoever this spitter is be seriously prosecuted as well, instead of putting him and his family through an inconvenience - I would have gladly signed. Many are satisfied with the result of his identification and are assuming this is due to mentally illness and should get "help". How is it they so sure he is mentally ill? The incidents seemed to stop as soon as this blew up in the press.

Seems there are too often warnings being handed out to people in our community deserving something more severe.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

What, like a caning? I believe animal cruelty is a crime. I think we determined, with the help of resident legal expert Joyce David, that spitting on people is not a serious enough crime in the eyes of the law to warrant punishment beyond. Spitting in the eyes might be more serious. Spitting in the eyes of the law, however, might be jailable. Personally I prefer to refer to the Bible on this one. An eye for an eye, a ptui for a ptui.