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Friday, January 29, 2016

Man Matching Q's Description Busted Buying Viagara

Okay, so maybe only the age was the same. But a dude was arrested quite near my home buying Viagara at a not-so-deep discount of $35 for 3. According to reporter Rachel Holliday-Smith they were both arrested for buying and selling prescription medications. Rachel...don't you mean one for buying and one for selling? Or were they passing it back and forth? "Jacking Up" the price as they went.

From DNA Info

Questions abound. Was the seller from Canada? Were the pills placebos? And if so, did they do the job anyway? Did the guys stick around, or did they come and go?  Is this the latest offering from Fresh Direct? Could you describe this as a Schwing Operation?

A Wayne's World Fan or its inspiration?
In honor of the bust, here's a related picture:


Bob Marvin said...

The pills might have been harmful, rather than mere placebos, so IMO the arrest was in order, however there just MIGHT be stuff a bit more serious going on nearby that should have had a higher priority for the PD

Creepy Burger King said...

The suspect looks like George Jefferson's white neighbor Tom.

I'm a movin on up,....

Anonymous said...

Viagara, a lovely city in southern Italy.