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Friday, September 12, 2014

Black Girls Divine

The NY Times get a bit more adventurous in its City section than just about anywhere else in the paper. Well, beyond the international reportage, which is pretty damn great. Oh, and chess. It still covers chess. Great chess coverage. Every move. Every dang move!

Vivian Yee started covering Brooklyn last year, and I was honored to be asked to walk her around the neighborhood not long after she got her start. She's been writing great stuff, and in particular, I applaud her work on this article about black-owned beauty supply stores, and the longtime Korean hold on the market. So much about what makes NYC commerce tick is hidden under the hood, unavailable to the untrained eye, or folks outside various immigrant communities.

Here's here piece, and below is the pic of two gals on Church making a go of it. 

Kadeian Brown, left, and Judian Brown own Black Girls Divine Beauty Supply and Salon, off Church Avenue in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Credit Kirsten Luce for The New York Times


diak said...

How do you like that? Looks like another case of local people living out their entrepreneurial dream. I guess they missed the news about neighborhood being completely taken over by greedy corrupt white-owned corporations.
Too busy working, probably...

Best of luck, BGD!

Carmen said...

Love this spot! I get a lot of my science supplies there.