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Monday, September 1, 2014

Good News (Perhaps) For PS375, Jackie Robinson

After a misguided attempt to place a principal of a failed school (PS22) into PS375 (and whose idea was THAT pray tell?), the zoned school for nearly all of Lefferts and Caledonia, the head office has stepped in and decided to take its time to find the right replacement for longtime principal Marion Wilson and her asst principal. Wilson will handle the transition in the meantime, not this lady, who stood less than zero chance of taking capable control of the school. (As an aside, PS22 was the school that PS705 took the place of, and that my first born attended last year. So I'm only talking out one side of my ass on this one).

Thanks DOE. And thanks Chancellor Carmen FariƱa. That's the right call, and all we parents would be mighty glad to see a new regime, some housecleaning, and a more progressive and inclusive strategy for all the neighborhood's kids. A fully integrated school will go a long way to closing achievement gaps, resource gaps, and encourage middle-class parents to interact with and better understand their direct neighbors. Let's hope for the best!


no_slappz said...

clarkson, as always, comments from Carmen Farina about BIG CHANGES are the usual grandstanding that comes from every educrat hoping to score points with the mayor. Meanwhile, there was nothing in her pronouncements about the disaster she's incapable of overcoming:

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Slappz: The reason I delete nearly all your posts is because you are the world's most consistent downer. Give us a reason to be hopeful, and share something upbeat, and you'll be back in my good graces. There's a downside to everything, man. You're living on it.

Anonymous said...

no_slappz, you haven't even shown why the article you posted, which speaks in generalities that are applicable citywide, apply to this post...or more specifically, the school mentioned in this post.

Do you have a horse in this race? Do you even have any school-aged children?

no_slappz said...

disco princess, the article is relevant for the simple reason that results at PS 375 are rather grim, a fact confirmed by the DOE's assessment.

Yes, I have kids in the school system. I've spent a lot of time in their grade schools, middle schools and high schools.

Anonymous said...

slappz, that still doesn't change that you didn't connect the dots in your initial post.

You may have kids in the system, but not at this particular school? How would this impact you?

Maybe things will change at P.S. 375. If the TPTB didn't think change was warranted, they wouldn't have appointed new leadership. If TPTB had allowed for the status quo, that would have drawn criticism too. I'm with the Q here; let's revisit this in a couple of years (or so) and let's see whether the stats warrant skepticism.