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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sometimes the News Sucks

Last weekend you may have heard some shots coming from Beekman, early morning Sunday to be exact. Seven, by some accounts. In a gangland scenario, two gentlemen were sitting in a car when they were ambushed and shot, clearly with homicidal intent. They were struck but not killed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the circumstances, neither victims are cooperating with police. Source, the 71st.

Also, the same evening, tragedy struck two brothers who have long worked at Lincoln Park Tavern. They were attacked over the weekend and stabbed. One of them didn't survive. The crime took place over by the Marcy Houses in Bed-Stuy. Feel free to inquire after the family's well-being and make a donation towards funeral arrangements through managers at the restaurant. Source, a friend who works at LPT.

Updated: This afternoon shots rang out on Parkside, near the McDonalds. Luckily no one hit or hurt. Still seeking suspect. Source, multiple.


jenna cardinale said...

Any news on the shooting of someone in his car yesterday afternoon at Parkside & Ocean? Tons of cops there around 6PM. A bystander told me that someone shot a person sitting in his car in front of McDonald's, but "missed."

Clarkson FlatBed said...

You got the story right. About 5:30. We do know who the target seemed to be, but for safety and privacy I think it's a need-to-know thing.

amanda said...

I walked by shortly after the shooting and saw the car, a few bullet holes in the side, and two bullet holes in windows (one the back window). A man was standing talking tot he police and bystanders said that the driver was "grazed" by a bullet, and "the child was taken away" which made me think a child was shot in the back seat. I hope the child thing was a misunderstanding?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

The child was not shot. The driver escaped with his life, just missed. This was a drive-by "hit," very little doubt. Very traumatic, as you can imagine, for the kid. Terrible.