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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Great New Restaurant Opens On OUR Franklin Avenue


All this talk about Empire Blvd lately has me once again lamenting how that pesky six-lane junk heap of a rue manages to keep Leffertsonians from considering Southern Crown Heights as part of their 'hood. Tivolians and Ebbetsinians have no trouble bouncing down to Flatbush for vittles and fixin's, but the reverse? Not so much. Now you have a reason to venture northward. A new restaurant and healing center called Mountain just opened at 903 Franklin Ave next to the Associated and across from Tivoli Towers.

co-owner and acupuncturist Justine Lynch 'n' kids

Organic and local fresh ingredients? Check. Veteran creative chef? Check, in Tom McCauley from the pre-trendy Miracle Grill. State of the art acupuncture and new-agey health herbs and goodies? Check, with acclaimed healer Justine Lynch as your guide. Tasty gluten free options? Check. Specially pressed healing juices? Check. There's even a relaxing meditation and yoga space in the back. This place screams 2014 louder than Time Square on New Year's Eve. Of 2013. At midnight. You get the idea.

But here's the thing. It's GOOD. Good food, good medicine. Actually, good food IS good medicine, so there's nothing odd about the pairing. Unless you're worried you'll get needles in your soup instead of noodles. Which ain't gonna happen. These people are professionals after all.

I'm looking at the menu right now and saliva is running onto my keyboard. Lavender and Maldon Salt Crusted Pork Loin? Verdure Curry w Local Grains? Tonifying Chicken Soup w local greens and grains, Chinese herbs and pastured chicken? Morning frittata or spelt quinoa muffins  and Mountain's own granola? Coffee, espresso and fresh herbed teas? It's like Sun in Bloom but with meat, y'all. And ancient Chinese healing.

Do yourself a favor. Do like Mohammed and go to (the) Mountain and see and eat for yourself. Do it before the whole world finds out what an awesome joint it is, and how delicious are the freshly made cold pressed healing juices. I dare you. Go.

It might be the oddest location for a state of the art statement of nowness, but then, nothing around here is anything less than odd. And thank G*d for that.


Anonymous said...

Q, I've had the frittata. Yummy (and I'm not even a fan of eggs).

On another message board, we've been discussing about some mercantile development on Franklin Avenue south of Eastern Parkway. Keep your eye on that area in the next few years. :)

paloma said...

I just got their half chicken DELIVERED on seamless and it was moist crispy skin but not greasy deliciousness.