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Saturday, September 27, 2014

This Just In! Drawings From "Flatbush Trees" Can Be Yours For a Donation!!


We're at $4,300 with just days to go before the deadline of September 30! If you gave already...thank you! (Please suh, may I have some moh?) If you haven't, you gotta give now! Because...

The first five people to give $200 or more get one of these FANTASTIC drawings by the artist David Eppley. He's like way, way, way on his way up (he gets shows all over the place and commissions up the wazzoo), and the gifts that you'll get, suitable for framing, are pictured here, all titled "Studies for Crowd Control," in pen, ink and paper at 9x12 size. $200 to own a piece of history! On the IOBY site, the donors are listed in the order in which they come - we'll contact the winners presently!

The video will tell you more about the project to resurrect those dilapidated sheet metal trees at the intersection of Empire/Flatbush/Ocean.

I don't ask for much in return for whatever entertainment you may derive from this dorky blog. Can I count on you to help, even a wee bit? I thought so!!

Oh, and if you don't mind, could you send a link of this to everyone you know, and who ever lived around here? It would be great if there were a worldwide aspect to this campaign. Because folks, Flatbush is a neighborhood with an extraordinary history, full of extraordinary people, and its coolest days are behind it, ahead of it, and all around it. I know that's more than 100%, but hey, so's Flatbush. It's alive, it's you, it's me. It's NYC to a capital NYC. It's America as it could be. Except for the street trash...but we're working on that!

tim "theQ" thomas


  • Jane R.
  • Joanie and Bill Schaffer
  • Mark D.
  • Greer & Jonah
  • in c.
  • Leon H.
  • Anonymous
  • Joseph D. Borrero
  • Jeff Gross
  • Anonymous
  • Ingrid
  • Barbara Ann Rogers
  • Mary S.
  • Pavani T.
  • Liena Zagare
  • Roberta W.
  • Mary Miller
  • Rina Kleege
  • Barrie Koegel
  • JoshG
  • Saulnier Family
  • Arthur G.
  • Jackie And Stan M.
  • Skobie
  • Adrienne R.
  • A. B.
  • Marie Spinney
  • BG
  • wendy c.
  • Kimplicated
  • MicheleCetera Architect
  • Anonymous
  • Jenna Cardinale
  • Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte
  • Barbara Ann Rogers
  • William Stover
  • Anonymous
  • Andrew Woodward
  • Daniel Kristjansson
  • Jeanne Gerrity
  • Anonymous
  • Heimbach S.
  • Gayle Price
  • Anonymous
  • Natalie Beall
  • Julia and Hannah's mom
  • Anonymous
  • Paige B.
  • Cheryl,Sealey4
  • Anonymous
  • Sara Keenan
  • Miles Farmer
  • Liz Munch
  • Ryann & Chris I
  • Lou
  • Gerard Middleton
  • Diana L.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Jeffery Welch
  • Elona P.
  • Stephen Warner
  • Bob Marvin
  • Henry
  • Gary
  • David W
  • The Hellman-Shamos Family
  • Anonymous
  • Agnieszka T.
  • Distant friend of the hood
  • Barbara R.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Suzanne Cooke
  • George Plimpton
Total Funding Needed: $9,880


rollo said...

What's wrong with the trees as currently presented?

Barbra Steisand said...

I'm with Duster. I like the trees as is and think the clean up plan sounds hideous and pointless. Also, the money could be used for something far less frivolous.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Barbra: I think What's Up Doc is one of the greatest films ever made. Thank you for that!

I'll pass along your note to the artist, the kids, the donors, DOT, the Community Board, the neighborhood associations, and the many people who have complained through the years about their dilapidated condition and been unable to do anything about it due to their bizarre non-status in the City's bureaucracy.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Dabs and Buster! I mean Babs and Duster!

Paul Galloway said...

There's never full consensus on public art.

I like Eppley's design, but I think we need something more reflective of that wacky intersection. Something involving rotating knives and flying car tires.

babs said...

You may call her Babs, but please remember that I am babs (all lower case).

rollo said...

Welcome to the neighborhood?

I predate your by many years, homeboy. Can't you tell?

And yes, my preference for the existing structure surely puts me at odds with artists, children, people who donate things, communities and neighborhoods.

Thanks for putting me in my place.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

My pleasure. Anytime.

Welcome to the conversation, then.

Unknown said...

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