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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sound Familiar?

Last week the Q wrote about the aptly named SHAMCO, owner of many of the large apartment buildings in the neighborhood. A number of you reached out to me with horror stories. To give you a better sense of what it looks like to be used as a Middle-Renter (my term) in the process of raising rents on stabilized apartments to the point of making them market rate, read on:

I live in a Shamco building -1 St Paul's Court.

They are AWFUL.
I worked with the very shady Allotta apartments on flatbush who misrepresented the price of the apartment (originally told me it would be $1600 and then lowered it to $1400 but kept the cash difference of the deposit, first months rent and fee and told me I was still getting a deal so shut up).
I've gotten harassing phone calls from Shamco management; they've held my checks to charge me late fees; I've had water leaks and mold since day 1. They just keep doing superficial repairs. There's mice that run across my floor and I kill one 2-inch cockroach every day. They allow for open drug dealing and our stairways are filled with urine they leave the sidewalk filthy. The trash overflows and it's never cleaned. The hallways are covered in gang graffiti and cigarette burns. I wanted to be one of those new tenants who stays for more than 2 years but i can't be here any longer. They successfully ran me out of here to raise the rent - I'm leaving in November.

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