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Monday, September 15, 2014

Midwood Flats - Softly Opening

On September 25. Stay tuned..

And Bluebird to open either by Thursday (per below comment) or in two weeks (per LPT employee).

It occurs to the Q that over the years he's heard the phrase "in about two weeks" used over and over again in terms of new places opening up. I'm beginning to think it's a bit like when the car service dispatcher says "5 minutes." It's not meant literally, rather more like "in a while - breath holding not recommended."


jenna cardinale said...

& Bluebird could open as early as Thursday, according to the man I who was locking up the space a few days ago.

Unknown said...

Confirmed, Bluebird opens tonight at 5.

jenna cardinale said...

Just popped in to Midwood Flats (after dinner at Bluebird). They're definitely planning to open Friday. Told them many in the community can't wait and a passerby loudly seconded the motion.