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Monday, November 23, 2015

20 Story Building To Replace Mathieu Eugene's Office

No, it's not April 1. From neighbor Jacob G. comes news that the building that was going to happen at 123 Linden (btw Bedford & Rogers) that was already a bit hefty is now going to tower over the neighborhood at over 200 feet. By taking an R7-1 to the max, this building will include community facility (that's profit-making rentals by the way, not a community "center" as some seem to think). Man-o-Manischewitz this does not bode well for preserving the context of the neighborhood, such as it is. Here's the filing.

I'm really too blown away by this news to spin it as yet another sign of the need for a Planning Study. FYI, Linden is not in CB9, which ends at Clarkson. But still, we have tons of R7-1 to offer. Just look at 626 Flatbush. And don't forget a 23 story whopper is coming to Nostrand below Church Ave. I guess it's time to settle in for a new normal.

384 Units. Market? Probably. I suppose some of you can hip me to the facts?

123 Linden - Your Councilman's Office Will Seem Quaintly Tiny One Day
Oh, and we've already talked about this on Lenox:

For fun, the 23-story coming to Nostrand:

And while we're talking south of CB9, let's keep rolling with Clarkson/Nostrand:

How many more mega-projects in the pipeline? With dozens of new projects having surfaced this calendar year, I think it's safe to say the ship has left the station. All aboard?


Anonymous said...

Community Facility requires either educational, health care, religious and not-for-profit institutions to locate in residence districts in New York City. So while developers always do target it as rent-able, a true community center falls under the education umbrella so there is room for hope.

The architect will have a lot of fun (it will be miserable) passing zoning for this one. There is an odd lot that runs behind the filed location, which means the rear set-backs will suck a lot, and on a narrow street the front one is no joke at that height either. So unless they are buying lot 84 and merging with it, it will be a tough job to work.

MikeF said...

A "true community center" would have to outbid all of the other allowed uses. So, I wouldn't be optimistic.

Anonymous said...

Also, Bedford between Lenox and Caton.