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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hello Empire. Nice To Meet You.

In further proof that development chugs along quite nicely without community input, the Clean Rite at the corner of Bedford and Rogers will soon go the way of the Caledonian Hospital - as of right. Thanks Mike for the Brooklynian always seem to have your nose to the ground, you little hound dog you! How many stories do you think? And how much affordable housing do you think? Hmm...

The subject property is a corner mixed-use development site with potential
for 42,720 buildable square feet on the border of Crown Heights and
Prospect Lefferts Gardens. The site has 203’ of corner frontage of
Empire Boulevard and Rogers Avenue, one of the area’s most desirable
corridors. The site features a combined lot area of approximately 8,900
square feet of the site located within residential zoning (R6) with
commercial overlay (C1-3), which allows a maximum FAR of 3.0
as-of-right. A developer has the opportunity to further increase the
total buildable square footage via the Community Facility. If
implemented, the Community Facility bonus would add 16,000 square feet
to the site, increasing the maximum buildable to approximately 42,720
square feet. Public transportation is conveniently located nearby, just
2 blocks from the (2)(5) trains at the Sterling Street Station,
offering access to Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan within 20 minutes.
The property is also located a short walk from Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Botanic Garden and The Brooklyn Museum.


Alex said...

Sensible zoning for that corner, but oh so close to the holy, untouchable two blocks of Empire!

MikeF said...

I think we will get a strip mall until the rezoning happens, then, it will be torn down for residential.

Curious27 said...

I've been waiting for some clues on the fate of this sad place! Oh, what will I do now without the thrill of accidentally choosing a machine that someone pre-loaded with bleach and forgot about, or risking incinerating all of my clothing in one of those dryers!