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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Internet, Television and Lefferts Gardens

Television ain't what it used to be. I frankly don't even know how any of us are supposed to be pop-culture literate in this day and age, so much "must see" TV. So why not dig into the hyper-local world of TV by your talented neighbors? At least that way you'll have something in common to talk about over falafel and personal pan pizzas along the Flabenue.

Much like independent music, the financial barriers to entry in the world of Internet Web Series are much less daunting than, say, the days when Love Boat ruled the airwaves. That doesn't mean that high production values come cheap - we're talking tens of thousands instead of hundreds of thousands. But if you have a vision and some film friends who'll work for free or next to it, you can create some pretty impressive looking stuff. Witness the two PLG-based award-winners - despite their low-budges, they look and feel pretty damn pro.

First, take a peek at 47 Secrets To a Younger You, a rompy milfy goofy and painfully accurate look at modern momdom. You'll recognize nearly all the locales, and probably the ladies as well. There are creators and stars Laura Frenzer and Rohana Kenin, long of PLG Arts. And you can't help but note the strong performance from Siobhan O'Neill as well, playing the part of the Samantha-esque character. The series is directed by neighbor Ryan Blackwell and tons of other Lefferts folks helped out. The acting is uniformly great. Check out the first episode and then keep watching if your interest is piqued, which, I suspect it will be:

And if you haven't already fallen deep into the pillowy cushions of the World Wide Web by now, you can spend some quality time with "Livin' The Dream," a wry look at the Sisyphean world of aspiring film auteurs, created by Martense resident Kim Spurlock and sister Mai, with music by Ben Goldie, and production help from Eimi Imanishi and editing from Angela Cheng. You'll see the Compound Cowork space and Gratitude Cafe and plenty of heartbreaking scenes of dreams deferred.

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