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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Garden Deals Blow To Jerks Claims To Garden

The Maple Street Garden continues to amaze, not just with its greenery and communal spirit, but with its legal prowess. In the latest news, the con men trying to lay claim to the land have seen their deed called into question. Given the recent ruckus stirred up by the Old Gray Lady over developers using shady documents to claim ownership of properties, I'd say the wee Garden Folk are taking the right approach. The organization 596 Acres trumpets the first big victory here.

Go get 'em guys.

Over at another local garden named after me (Q Gardens) the Q and Little Miss Clarkson Flatbed III stopped by the big Pumpkin Smash on Sunday and had a merry time being among the first to throw our jack-o-lanterns onto a rocky tarp. If you google jack-o-lantern and "rusty tarp" you will come up with zero results. I'm hoping that changes after Google indexes this page.

One thing you should really know about Q Gardens is that you can bring by your compost on Sunday 2-4. And maybe other times to...check the website. Or better yet this here Facebook page. Haven't been? It's over by the Church stop on the Q/B, just north of Church, along where the train tracks run. It's adorable. A pic from the Smash:


Anonymous said...

I'm very appreciative of the journalists that are moving into the neighborhood and the attention they are bringing to these issues. It is probably not a coincidence that we are getting more media coverage of fraudulent deed transfers and slum landlords in the neighborhood.

Tom La Farge said...

About the composting, if you're closer to Maple 3 than to Q Gardens, you can leave off food scraps for compost at the Maple Street Community Garden (237 Maple) at any time. The grey and yellow receiving bins are towards the back of the lot. No meat, grains, pasta, oily foods; eggshells and coffee grounds are great. The garden can especially use your fallen leaves, bagged.