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Friday, November 13, 2015

Nutty Rendering Gives New Perspective

Know that 23-story building (the OTHER 23-story building) coming to Nostrand below Church? There's a new rendering on Curbed today that really lays out what this sort of construction can yield. Here's from the south looking up our arse. I do believe that's Patio Gardens and Ebbets Apartments sticking up near the Park and garden. No need for contextual zoning here! Looks just super...(sarcasm intended).


MikeF said...

The views from that building are going to be really nice.

Anonymous said...

The height is, well, really tall. But there's a lot of green elements, a green roof on the lower part. The gradation from tall to shorter in steps helps keep it look hulking and massive like the Ebbets Field building. At least some thoughtfulness has been put into the design. Better than rows of several ugly cruddy Fedders being built where all the cute houses are on those non-landmarked streets are around this site. If a few tall buildings helps avoid that, then it's good.

Anonymous said...

Shark's fin!