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Friday, November 13, 2015

Little Mo' Wine Open on Nostrand

From Mark Schwartz, owner of Little Mo' Wine store:

Q, I've got cases all over the floor but I'm taking cash and credit cards in exchange for wine an' booze. Little Mo Wine is open! 
The skinny: 75 reds and whites for $12 = $13 with tax, no coins! More at various levels of $. Spend $200 and I give you a $15 buyback. Case discounts available. Delivery coming sometime next week. Hours 12-9 daily. Hard to find spirits, wines of terroir, friendly people. Expert pairings with local takeout. 
Come by Thursday 11/19 before jazz at Michael Allen for a free tasting.
Le Grande Ouverture will be be Friday 11/20
If you got the cash, you can get the buzz. Good luck Mark! From the wall drawings I'd say you're in for a nice long run. Love that you're making the neighborhood integral to your biz model. Sweet as a Riesling.


shelley said...

Congratulations, Mark! Looking forward to checking out the new shop!

RKJ said...

Can you tell us WHERE on Nostrand?

JJeffr said...

This thing just appeared! I was heading out to buy a plumber's friend and there it was--still closed (before noon) but the owner inside. Unpacked cases of Brokers gin still in the front window. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Anonymous said...

Stopped in to see the shop today, and left with three bottles. Great selection, organized well, bright, reasonably priced (a whole section of $12 wines), and a nice, family-man owner from the neighborhood with plenty to offer/recommend. A solid addition to Nostrand and the neighborhood. Give Little Mo a try. Best of luck Mark!

The Snob said...

RKJ, we are at 1125 Nostrand, corner of Midwood, steps from Allan's Bakery and next door to hidden treasure Labay Market. See you there!