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Monday, November 2, 2015

It's Official - Greenlight Bookstore Moving Into 626 Flatbush

For all its unlikable height, 626 Flatbush is sure pouring on the charm. With its chunk of affordable (under-a-grand) apartments (for qualified lottery winners, natch), the Maple Street School, and now Greenlight Bookstore, the 23-story Hudson development has made some pretty serious peace offerings. Mind you, it coulda done all that without the assault on the sky. Still, now that it's cooked into the soup, you might as well add a salad. (I just made that one up and gosh darnit I like it. For now.)

No joshing, Greenlight Bookstore is the shit. You gotta be pretty surly not to love a Ma & Ma business like Greenlight. And co-owner Rebecca lives right here in The Lefferts. Greenlight lit up the corner of S. Portland and Fulton from the minute it move in, and they've managed to make bookstore browsing seem hip again.

Gotta go to sleep after a fun show at the BAM, so here's the first paragraph from the press release:

Greenlight Bookstore, the sixyear old independent bookstore located in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, has announced plans to open a second retail location in Prospect Lefferts Gardens within the next year. Greenlight coowners Rebecca Fitting  and Jessica Stockton Bagnulo have signed a letter of intent on a 2,100 square foot retail space with The Hudson Companies Inc., which is constructing a mixed-use building at 626 Flatbush Avenue. The new location will be a general independent bookstore, including both kids and adult books, as well as a basement space which will house the company’s offsite sales business. Like the Fort Greene store, the bookstore will be closely tailored to its neighborhood, and will host events and seek to partner with local institutions with the goal of becoming a true community space.

Congrats ladies. The Q wishes you many years of fruitful business. I look forward to doing a book signing when I finish my novel which I'm tentatively calling Liberal Sweaters. It's the story of a...


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