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Thursday, October 31, 2013

111 Clarkson - The New Owner Of Haunted House Speaks From Beyond the Grave!

Sven Carlsson wrote a great piece on the Haunted House of Clarkson - 111 to be precise. And he talks to the new owner. From the article:

For Seth Brown, the investor who bought 111 Clarkson in September, the choice is a stark one: tear the house down, or make it financially viable. Brown said market forces will decide its fate. “The question becomes, can the house be restored and rented out or sold for more than what it would cost to restore it?”
Since the piece is a super read, I'll leave the question unanswered. Go to the Brooklyn Inc and you can read the whole ghost story.

Sven Carlsson takes pictures too

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Bob Marvin said...

It's an excellent article, but I have two minor (and admittedly pedantic) corrections [Don't feel bad Sven; NY Times reporters generally make far more mistakes :-)]:

§ I am a former president of the Lefferts Manor Association, rather than the Prospect Lefferts Gardens Neighborhood Association; I was active in PLGNA, on things like obtaining our Historic District designation in the ’70s, but was never on their board, let alone president

§ It’s true that years ago the Lefferts Manor Association “litigated extensively to keep roomers and boarders out of their enclave”, but that “enclave” ends several blocks north of Clarkson Avenue.