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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Q Northbound - You Can Take It Anymore!

Explorer Duck says the Q will be back in action on the City-bound side starting Monday. Good news for those chilly morns...southbound to shut down soon.


sK said...

That's exciting! However, every time I've seen the "progress" they've made, it doesn't look like much. Unless they've gone into overdrive this past week, I don't think we're in for any surprises.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

SK , I was thinking the same thing about the progress made. I saw the northbound platform last week and apart from new paint job didn't notice any thing else.

Ingrid said...

wait - so the southbound is going to shut down soon? meaning it's going to be pretty much the same situation?

Anonymous said...

From what I could see the priority of the renovation was less focused on cosmetic issues (new paint, lights, etc.) than structural issues, specifically related to water damage and/or fire hazards. Over time the concrete has worn away due to water getting into cracks, freezing, expanding and cracking off small amounts of material. Eventually, the reenforcing steel had been exposed which is dangerous from a structural standpoint (exposed steel melts very easily in a fire, whereas when it is embedded in concrete it is well protected).

In short, while it make not look like much has changed at the stop, I will be happy to see it repaired and safe for years to come.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

And what's with the parking lot? Can't the workers find parking elsewhere? I understand the trucks, but the private cars are a bit much.

If we DO get cosmetic overhaul, I would hope it would be to the headhouse. That's always been the missed opportunity for the neighborhood, in my opinion.

Personally I consider it WAY better to have to walk a bit farther AFTER work than before.