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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Help Q Gardens This Saturday

Think on this:

and this:

More to the point, that little triangle of post-apocalyptica behind the Church Ave Q/B station could soon be sprouting fresh Truffula thanks to some enterprising greenthumbs from South Caledonia/North Dimas/Mid Flatbush/East Kensington/West East-Flatbush/SW PLG. If you've ever walked down or up East 18th Street you'll surely have noticed Makari de Suisse, the shop directly across the street from the lot in question, and wondered what the heck? Well, the shop and the name on the sign have nothing to do with each other, as Makari de Suisse is a natural skin lightener and the market is...not. Star bellied Sneetches. Follow the logic?
From the Q Gardens crew:

This Saturday from 12 - 5pm, we will be working together to make signs to hang on the future Q Gardens fence. We will be meeting on the sidewalk next to the lot (at East 18th Street and Church Avenue, behind the Church Ave B/Q subway entrance). We will provide as many materials as we can and invite folks to bring food to share if they would like. Everyone is welcome to come by at any point from 12 - 5pm to meet others/learn about Q Gardens/help decorate the signs, etc. 

We have made great strides with the MTA and hope to have access to the space very soon! We look forward to making the garden a welcoming place for everyone in the neighborhood!

Anne and Ali
  For more information about Q Gardens, please call 503-866-7195 (se habla español) or email


Anonymous said...

Watch out for the anarchist in the woodpile!

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Deeply funny, anon, and deeply disturbing. Well done.