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Thursday, October 3, 2013

psst...don't tell anyone

Here's the local Page 6 411:

The Q has gotten word that a certain Councilman showed up yesterday afternoon to survey the Parkside Playground. To our knowledge this is the first time he has taken seriously neighborhood complaints about the condition of the p-ground. Thanks to local vigilantes, the plantings have been cared for and the swings replaced. The Q welcomes all the help we can get, and I for one am glad he took our press release about the upcoming October 9 "Play for Peace" event seriously.

Also, the Lenox Block Association meeting is happening tonight, and guess who's coming to dinner? Right. First time for everything. His long-shot opponent is showing up too. Sparks? I look forward to hearing what goes down!

Is this a sign of a new chapter in local politics? Let's hope so. There's no hard feelings on this side of the blog, though I know a political dogfight gets heated sometimes, and to those who so vehemently hate me I ask that you remember that any citizen and resident is allowed to run in an election, and we are all compelled to choose and support any candidate we feel is most qualified. It remains to be seen whether this new interest is a passing phase related to the upcoming election. still happening in November. Remember, Syliva Kinard who won more than 10% of the primary vote is on the ballot on the "Rent Is Too Damn High," recently changed to juxg "Rent" party line. Feel free to cast your vote accordingly. I'm meeting with Ms. Kinard today and will be glad to update you on her plans for the district.

Which...I just thought I'd pass on what I've heard from the Council Member the last two times I've heard him speak. In a (brilliant?) twist of an old canard (huh? like that I found a way to use that homophones? Come on, give it up!), Mr. Eugene has said that

"after the election I will unveil my plan, a vision for the neighborhood."

AFTER the election. I really don't know how to respond, but if you're like me, I love surprises!

"Hmm, Monty. I'll take what's behind curtain number 2 please!"


Anon. said...

Well, apparently he come for a brief few minutes. He was apparently double-parked and had to leave quickly because of this fact, and holding up traffic. I believe he did not really go into the little kids playground area either. I suppose the intent may have been good; though really not executed well. What's new?

rose said...

Really,the good Mr. Eugene should read below how Carroll Gardens is dealing with a shooting, in Carroll Park.

As the new commanding officer, Lenz told locals, who packed into the meeting at the Miccio Center, that Carroll Park was one of the first places he had visited in the neighborhood.

He assured the troubled residents that cops would be stationed at the park from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and plainclothes officers would also be monitoring the area.

The park is located between Court, Smith, Carroll and President streets, just across the street from pre-K and elementary school P.S. 58 at 330 Smith St.

“It’s definitely something on my agenda,” said Lenz, who has been a member of the police department for 23 years.