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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mathieu Eugene Plans Community-Building Forum - Next Thursday Oct 24

Your Councilman and mine for the 40th district, on the ballot as the Democratic Party candidate on November 5 against Sylvia Kinard (Rent is 2 Damn High Party) and John Kelly (Conservative Party), is holding a Community-Building Forum over at MS2 on Parkside near Nostrand. Should be a chance (as the press release states in three separate but equal sentences) a great chance to meet with folks from various agencies and have your voice be heard on a whole host of topics. The Q is a big fan of these sorts of get-together, and hopes you will show up and be a part of the magic. If you haven't met Mathieu yet, this will be a great chance - turnout is not generally huge and you should have a chance to chat. Plus, if you have an issue that is near and dear, you can bring it up here, talk to his aides after, then follow up on the phone (this is also known as "hounding" to those in the biz).

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no_slappz said...

From today's NY Daily News: Friends with Mathieu Eugene...

Bishop Orlando Finlayter’s finances in question after being spared a night in jail

Mayor de Blasio’s favorite minister, Orlando Finlayter, has some questionable finances. The bishop, who has been approved to get thousands of dollars, never filed paperwork for either of his organizations.

By Sarah Ryley , Glenn Blain AND Ginger Adams Otis / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Friday, February 14, 2014, 11:39 PM

Bishop Orlando Findlayter with his wife Yvette at his Brooklyn church.

Politicians tried to shower him with hundreds of thousands of dollars — like manna from heaven — but Mayor de Blasio’s favorite minister never filed the paperwork to unlock the golden gates.

The round-faced orator was awarded $4,000 for his New Hope Christian Fellowship Church from City Councilman Mathieu Eugene and $5,000 from former City Councilman Kendall Stewart in 2009.

Bishop Orlando Findlayter, spared a night in jail earlier this week after Hizzoner called to inquire about his status after a traffic stop, has $214,000 in city and state funds sitting in limbo, the Daily News has learned.

Findlayter, 50, who hobnobs with politicians from City Council members to state senators to President Obama, didn’t pick up the cash. The stalled money is just a piece of the murky financial picture of a man who owns a nearly $600,000 Long Island home, but needed a Legal Aid Society attorney when he answered a pair of outstanding warrants in court on Tuesday.

Through two grants in 2009 and 2010, state Sen. Kevin Parker funneled $105,000 to Findlayter’s New Hope Community Resource Center, state records show.
Bishop Orlando Finlayter with state Sen. Kevin Parker.
Bishop Orlando Finlayter with state Sen. Kevin Parker.

Then, in 2012, one of Findlayter’s groups was gifted with a $100,000 state economic development grant. None of the money was actually dispersed.

Both the state and city require paperwork to be submitted to release funds — taxes, budgets, expense accounts for each nonprofit.

Guidestar, a nonprofit tax tracker, has no record of tax returns from either of Findlayter’s organizations — even though a Dun & Bradstreet report from May 2013 said his community center employed two people and had $230,000 in annual sales. No further details were available.

Read more: