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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More Bang Bang on Winthrop

Last night around 3am, shots were heard on Winthrop, though exactly where they came from has been hard to determine. No one was hurt, or at least not to the point of alerting the authorities. Some thought it was Winthrop 2; some Winthrop 1. Please know that any and all info you may have could be useful in retrieving evidence. Please comment or email me.

This was the response from the 71st:

There were numerous 911 calls last night. There are conflicting reports to where the gun shots actually came from so I cannot say for sure an exact location. Unfortunately we have no witnesses or ballistic evidence. DI Lewis has assigned the Special Operations Lieutenant to do  a follow up investigation and call all 911 callers back in an attempt to gain more information and possible witnesses. We will be increasing plain clothes units in the area in an attempt to stop any further gun violence. We will also be doing extra targeted patrols in to the area. - Vinnie at the 71.


MadMommaCarmen said...

Thank you neighbors for calling it in!

mc said...

I woke up when this happened. There were intermittent loud pops and squealing tires so casings may be on the street. I'm on Hawthorne near Bedford but not sure where the sounds came from.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the corner of Winthrop and Bedford on Winthrop 1. I happened to wake up and heard first four or five shots fired, then two or three that sounded pretty close to me and then 2 more a few minutes later some ways away. My window was open but I can't see the street. I did hear tires squealing after the last shots but no other noise on the street. I didn't call the police because I can't even tell where the shots are coming from. Should I call them anyway?

Anonymous said...

I live in the middle of Winthrop 1-- just a bit closer to Bedford. Just before 3 AM I heard very loud shots that sounded like they were directly outside our building. I then heard more shots farther away (maybe two sets?). I also heard tires squealing.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Call call call. 911. And you needn't leave your name or fact, I can see no reason to do so unless you want them to contact you or come to your aid. 911 works better than calls to precinct...the person answering phones isn't necessarily going to be the top dog around there. Remember, they got assigned to the phones...(sorry if I pissed anyone off, but I've heard too many horror stories.)

rose said...

This is getting very depressing and upsetting. I also heard the shots, but couldn't tell where they were coming from. This is becoming too scary and too close to home. When is this going to stop?

Anonymous said...

Rose: Stay positive!

The police are finally taking notice and have stated that they are going to start having both uniformed and more plain clothes officers in the area patrolling areas of concern. I've been in the neighborhood since 2001 and on Winthrop since 2007. This noticeable volume of incidents is definitely new, but I think remedied if we as a community come together and get our law enforcement officials and politicians to pay attention and do something. A group of us are organizing to message the cops and politicians with specific requests of wants and to dos to deal with these issues.

As Clarkson Flatbed said--call 911 and second, get involved. E-mail and write Eric Adams, Yvette Clark, and our other local political representations for action--and keep in touch with Detective Martinos at the 71st and report to him any funny business you observe (or others observe).

This will stop or at least slow down once we get the right people paying attention, and to get them to do so, we have to make noise!

We as a community have to come together and bring positivity to our kids and families--some of us want to organize family events at Parkside Playground and other local community spaces for the Spring/Summer. Keep an eye and ear out on the list serves and this blog for more details in the coming weeks.

The message here really is that collective apathy or passiveness won't get us anywhere too far too fast--and the more people are invested and involved the better for them individually and the collective.

Pavani (sorry for the long rant..)

rose said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve been in the neighborhood since 2008, and I’ve never seen such a huge spike of lawlessness. My husband and I attended many of Eric Adams’ functions-and every time we see him we sing the same song to him, about our community…it falls on deaf ears. When the good doctor was first elected, my husband went to volunteer and offer his services, and worked with him on some projects. But as the years progressed, my husband became so disappointed on his approach to all sorts of things that he stopped going. It’s not that we’ve never been involved or voice our opinions and make suggestions; it’s that no one seems to be paying attention to the neighborhood or take us seriously.

Anonymous said...

Rose--e-mail me offline if you can at I would love to bend your and your husband's ears about your past experiences and perhaps "future" experiences :).


Anonymous said...

You guys are unable to please. Elected officials try to address your concerns, you call them incompetent. Police try to get a hold of the crime here and you people moan about them not them doing enough. Some of you have even accused the 70th of being in cahoots with the drug dealers and gang bangers. What a shame. This is why I don't take Tim's blog or his whiny no nothing lemmings seriously. I would be lying to you if I said I don't enjoy goading you people every chance I get.

And you people wonder why me and some of Dr. Eugene supporters look at you with such utter contempt. Just take a look at some of these comments. Sheesh! I'm not trying to belittle your concerns about crime but c'mon. There are things that are out of the control of Dr. Eugene that only the police commissioner and his underlings can get a hold of.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:21

You are a tool