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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Great Googama Moobama

Stealing a page from the Q's penchant for mangling the phrase Grape Google Moogle, Delson Schmelson brought to my attention with the above phrase earlier in the day the closing of Prospect Park for the President's visit to P-Tech High School, which is located in what essentially could be called our neighborhood, in the sense that it takes place within the Greater Central Brooklyn area, of which the Associated grocery store near Ebbets Field is the acknowledged capital.

Some Q readers will undoubtedly ask whether it's actually overkill to close the  entire Park. Hardly, and here's why.

In order to handle the ENORMOUS propellers of Marine One (some say this bird's wingspan reaches 800 feet), the only two logical places to land were Greenwood Cemetery and Prospect Park, and securing the perimeters of either would be necessitated by the needs of the leviathan vehicle. Knowing that landing in Prospect Park would upset thousands of potentially UNdead just days before Halloween, the White House chose Prospect Park where the most vocal opponent will likely be A.O. Scott of the NY Times whose barbs are witty and terse, but rarely grotesquely fatal.

In the below picture it is impossible to gauge the actual enormity of Marine One, except to say that the copter in the photo is actually A HALF MILE AWAY from the man at the podium and he's STILL being blown over by the sheerocity of the wind.

Warning: The noon to six time period on Friday would be a terrible time to fall asleep somewhere quiet near the Nethermead only to awaken to Secret Service and handcuffs. Stay clear folks. The Great Bama Mama is coming to town, and he wants to feed some ducks!


Douglas Singleton said...

That's some funny ****.

Anonymous said...

Obama at P-Tech. What does that portend? The school's only two years old. Yeah, sure, lots of Obamanism running all over the place. All about hope and change.

But according to data from the NY City DOE, there's no real action at P-Tech. It's all supposed to show up in the future, when the school can toss out the kids who break up classes with fist fights.

Maybe Obama dropped by to hire some new programmers for the Obamacare website. If that was his goal, will he succeed? Hmmm. He said he was going to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. That didn't happen.

He said people signing up for Obamacare could keep their health plans and their doctors if they liked them. Well, that's not happening -- unless you don't have to bother with Obamacare.

Now he's touting this school. Sooo, that probably means the school will shut down in two years, written off as a failure when IBM realizes it's not going to identify and develop future employees through this school.

It will be the school equivalent of Solyndra.

Anonymous said...

Quit your whining you partisan hack.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:22,

Can you name a public school created on a basis similar to P-Tech that's been around long enough to establish a record? An enviable record?

There are many schools in the NY City public school system with snappy names suggesting that high-tech schooling has arrived and the kids are on their way to working for Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook and so on.

But it never seems to happen. The schools begin to flounder when the effects of admitting just about anyone who applies then hits the bottom line.

The NY City DOE provides extensive records available to all on the internet. But the records for P-Tech are woefully incomplete, even though the students in attendance the last two years took Regents Exams and other standardized tests.

None of those results are available for this school, which means the results are dismal.