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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Do Your Duty! Vote For Tish James

If you like your public advocate to be feisty, smart and sure of herself and her ideals, which may very well resemble YOUR ideals, then vote today in the runoff for Public Advocate. Sure it's costing $13 million for this one office that almost no one understads and whose entire budget is like $2.5 million. But that means your vote is worth THAT MUCH MORE! Your vote could be worth, I dunno, $100 or something like that, if 130,000 people vote. That's right. In order for you to vote today, it will cost about $100 for you to do so.

But the cost of not voting? Umm. I'm not sure I can make an equation out of that one. Infinite money! It costs infinite money for you not to vote.

So vote. Vote for James. Tish covered the 35th Council District down to Empire, so at least you know she'll know your neck of the woods. I had breakfast with her early last year. It was cool; she's funny, tough as nails, smarts like a kick in the shins. I won't tell you what we talked about, but I will tell you I had a bagel. And we went Dutch in honor of the City's colonial heritage.

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